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Sewing Cute Scrap Fabric Puff Pins for Embellishments

Hi everyone! I am happy to be back! It is the new me sans gallbladder (Who needed that old thing any way?). Everything went great and thank you to everyone who gave me such wonderful words of encouragement.  Thank goodness the weather was great here, I sat outside with my sunscreen and hat, read and read, and soaked up that Vitamin D and well.. got pretty bored.  So, what’s a high energy girl do do except sew cute scrap fabric puff pins from extra fabric pieces on hand?  These are so fun to make, and I used scraps of fabric, tulle and vintage earrings. You can make them too!
Making cute DIY puff pins with farbic and tulle pinned on a pillow


These fabric pins are so cute, because not only can they be added to pillows for embellishments, but also to hats for a cute accent. I love making something that is multi-purposed.
Cute pin embellishments with fabric and vintage earrings


I was making a few for myself initially, (I think they are very Anthropologie) but once I got going and had all of the time on my hands, I made more.. and more. I thought they would be cute also on  t-shirts, sweaters, a purse or even a lamp shade like this fun Jane Eyre inspired shade. They are so easy to make!

To make a puff pin fabric embellishment, take  a circle of fabric and sew a running stitch around the outside of the circle. Pull it together until it creates a pouch and press it flat. Sew a bunch of tulle on top and while stitching, randomly grab part of the circle edge and sew it into the center . This creates it’s flower shape. Then sew an embellishment on top like a vintage earring. Add a pinback and it’s ready to go!

Sewing cute fabric puff pins with vintage earrings

This is such a cute and easy hand-sewing project, and a great beginner’s sewing project too! I am sew crazy to make these lol!  They are almost 5 inches across with tulle and embellished with a vintage piece of jewelry.  I have so many single vintage earrings, this is a great use for them too!
Fun embellishments made from fabric and vintage earrings



I just added some to my Etsy shop today and I’ve already sold 3!  I’ll be adding more scrap fabric puff pins as I make them so keep checking back!


Fabric and vintage earring puff pins
Thank you all so much again for all of the well wishes! If you’re feeling crafty, check out this post on DIY Beginner Embroidery

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