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Easy DIY Beginner Embroidery Project

Hey everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am thrilled to be back sharing another crafty project with you all. Today’s project is extra special to me, because needlepoint is actually something I have wanted to try for the longest time. I finally tackled it this past week; choosing the easiest project I could find and am excited to share what I’ve learned with you all, with this easy DIY beginner embroidery project.
Easy DIY beginner embroidery on farbic with bnlue thread stars

First of all, I would lump needlepoint in with knitting and crocheting (two other things I’m dying to learn), in that it is a seriously relaxing activity you can pick up when you have a free minute or two. A simple star embroidery pattern like I made is so simple and easy and a great Easy DIY beginner embroidery project! Keep reading for the full tutorial.


Simple star embroidery pattern and a silver ball on books
I just needed a few supplies to get started. I picked up a pack of needles, some embroidery floss and an embroidery hoop at the craft store. For fabric, I just used some remnant drop cloth I had on hand. If you like scrap fabric projects, check out this
Blue embroidery thread, a hoop and scissors
I started out by cutting a piece of the fabric and fitting it snugly in the embroidery hoop. This can be any fabric you choose to use.
Add fabric to embroidery hoop

Since I am beyond a newbie at embroidery,  I decided to go for something super easy and satisfying….the straight stitch.  I made simple stars and learned a few things on the way. 

The first tip I learned is do not double up your thread on the needle. Yes, it will make for a thicker overall shape, but I found it got tangled easily and created a messy finished piece. 

Embroidered stars in fabric

 Second, always place the straight stitch through the center hole. It was easier for me to do this from the top (whether that be right or wrong.) Also, a couple of times I finished my star and wasn’t happy with the size/placement/straightness of it so I just simply cut the floss with my scissors, removed it and started over.

Creating an embroidered straight stitch
Since, I wanted to give the finished piece a modern appearance. I choose to use thread in shades of aqua (the accent color for my home). 
Straight stitch embroidery stars in a hoop
Also, rather than fill up the entire piece of fabric with stars I created a more organic, free flowing feel.
Stitching stars in an embroidery hoop
I did this by not using a pattern and just randomly placing the stars with my needle and thread, one at a time, holding the hoop up in between each addition to check placement.
Stitched embroidery hoop
I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but I finished the back, by folding over the extra fabric and crudely sewing it down…


Finishing the back of embroidery



…And hung it up on the wall behind our living room bookcase for a handmade vibe with a touch of color.
Shelfie with embroidery hoop and plants and a disco ball
I have been seeing this trend of more modern embroidery lately and I am completely in love. My next project will for sure involve more complex stitches and then I will move on to incorporating patterns, as well.


Cute shelf display with plants and disco ball and embroidered hoop



Thank you for letting me share this new passion of mine with you all! If anyone has tips or advice I would love for you to share!
Shleves with books, and owl planter, plants and frames
Lastly, I welcome you all to stop by Number Fifty-Three and say hello! Also visit my IG account!
Cute wall shelf displau with candles, plants, a disco ball and trays

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  1. Framing a piece with the actual hoop has been around for sure since my kids were young – like 30+ years ago. I liked it then; I like it know. I guess when something is right it never goes out of style. I’m going to have my grandkids make a couple of these for Christmas.

  2. This is cute. I learned how to hand embroider since I was a kid, my mom taught me and I taught my two daughters. I’ve made many things specially tablecloths. Just gave my embroidered C’mas tablecloth to my daughter Sofia. I have others. I love to hand embroidered, it’s relaxing and it gives you piece….this reminds me, I think I’m buying material to start me a project soon!

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