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Living Room Refresh with Cottage Style

The “cat” will play! We all need a break sometimes, don’t we?My wonderful mother took the kids for a few hours on New Year’s Day. With hubby working, I started my “free time” with a trip to my Starbuck’s for a decaf, a cheese and fruit treat and of course a cupcake that I didn’t have to share.. with anyone. It was a great time to do a living room refresh with cottage style. Then I took a few hours, by myself, to get the house back in shape. I started in my entsy-weensty living room. And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t use the opportunity to completely rearrange things.

living room refresh with cottage style offee table candles and greenery

It felt great to bring in a fresh new look after the holiday glitz. I left my pomegranate wreath up…I kind of like it for a bit of color.

Chair, pillow and paperwhites for a cottage resfresh

Say bye-bye to the paisley fabric on that $20 chair. I have a luscious tawny brown to put on it to make it look fresh and new and cottagey.

Battery operated candles on a tray

And I didn’t want to put away my flameless candles yet; so I grouped them on a tray on my coffee table. I love how decorating by grouping things like candles looks so expensive but it so inexpensive.

Nest with shredded book pages

And put some shredded paper in my favorite nest basket but I am not sure what to put inside of it yet. I love the look of shredded book pages.  Books themselves are so great to decorate with. I love this project for repurposing books.

Container of moss and vintage lamp

I brought out the moss to freshen up the room, I knew it wouldn’t last long.

moss mess on the floor

Then yesterday I noticed this on the floor…. hmm…. I think some mice have been doing some playing themselves! Busted.. ! I am going to look for the little, green fingers!

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