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Fun winter treat hot cocoa and marshmallows idea

I am a bit obsessed with hot cocoa and marshmallows this winter. I don’t know why. Hot cocoa is a winter treat to add a little more hygge in your life though! But, I was at Target the other day finishing up my very last minute Christmas shopping, and I found these fun Peeps!They were in snowman shapes and some chicks that are peppermint flavored with a chocolate bottom. I thought, that would make about the most awesome hot chocolate ever! This isn’t a sponsored post, I just thought it would be a fun one!

We like (affiliate link) Silly Cow hot cocoa around here. It’s not organic, but it doesn’t have a bunch of extra junk or artificial sweeteners in it, and taste pretty good, and comes in a cute bottle. Our local grocery store as it and so does Whole Foods. I recently discovered one of our favorite main stream hot cocoa has artificial sweetener in it. It was  a real bummer. I get such a headache from sweeteners, so I was very happy when we found this one, it wasn’t too expensive, and I could just pick it up when  I was out shopping. I also love this drinking chocolate from Four Brothers. It’s like hot cocoa for grown-ups!

HOt cocoa and marshmallows with fun snowmen peeps

Speaking of sugar, I loved Peeps when I was a kid. Oh man. All that crunchy sugar. The pink ones were my favorite. I loved how cute these little snow guys were, and I like they were just marshmallow. While he looked happy swimming around, I knew something was missing.

Snowman peep in Hot cocoa a winter treat!

Oh yeah, whipped cream!

Hot cocoa woth marshmallows

So, I put him and his friends in their little whip cream boats.

Fun hot cocoa idea

I kind of expected them to sink, but they sat up long enough to be a real life idea that would work. Look at the guy in back, all happy and waving at me.

Blissfully unaware he was going to be in my belly in a bit.

Snowman peeps and whipped cream

 So stinking cute!

I also tried the peppermint Peeps.

Hot cocoa and peppermint pees

These are a little more old school with a sugar crust.

Papermint peeps and hot cocoa with whipped cream

I liked the peppermint flavor, but I must have grown up a bit, because the combination with the sugar coating was a little too sweet for me, and do I love the sugar.

But, I know my kids would love these, and be amply hyped-up out of their skulls afterwards. I loved how easy these would be for  a winter treat for a sledding party, if you don’t eat the stash first!

And if you run out of Peeps, you can make your own marshmallows, I have a recipe here.

homemade marshmallows

An if you can’t find silly cow, you can make your own hot cocoa cups here.

Make mini hot cocoa cups with chocoalte chips