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Fun miniature hot cocoa cups

Welcome to the the Welcome Winter party ! I wanted to  share these mini hot cocoa cups because I am a hot chocolate drinker. All.Winter.Long.

There is nothing I love more than a quiet afternoon, a cup of Hot cocoa with whip cream and cocoa powder and a really good book.

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These are as easy as melting chocolate chips!

 You could make these for Valentine’s day treats too along with this banner with free printables!

Easy mini hot cocoa cups or chocolate lollipops

Fun mini hot cocoa cups

It’s so easy! I picked up the mini cupcake liners  and sticks at Michaels in the cake aisle by the sucker molds.  I  found the bag of dark chocolate chips and the mini-marshmallows at Target.

You can use milk chocolate , but I prefer chocolate with at least 65% cocoa for my hot cocoa cups.

Yes! They do make teeny marshmallows!

Yes they make these! This isn’t a paid sponsorship, I was just super-excited to find them.

You’re welcome.

Make mini hot cocoa cups by melting chocolate chips and adding mini marshmallows

Melt your chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl  at 30 second intervals, stirring between so they don’t burn. The chocolate  and container will be hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.

Pour your melted chocolate into the cups, about 2 TBSP worth, and top with the little marshmallows,tapping them down slightly with the back of a spoon.

Make sure you use both the white candy cups and then put the liners on the inside, otherwise the liners don’t hold their shape and the chocolate oozes out.

Make mini hot cocoa cups with chocoalte chips

Okay, here is your Pinterest worthy pin with the stick.

Wrap plastic wrap to keep sticks upright in your mini hot cocoa cups

Here is the reality. I tried it the other way and they kept falling over. So,once the chocolate was warm and no longer hot, I put them  on a plate and covered the entire thing in plastic wrap. I then poked the wood sticks through an put them in the fridge to harden.

Mini chocolate cups in Valentines day cupcake liners

Then just pull your liner out of the white cup.

Mini DIY hot cocoa cups

When your ready to make your drink just peel off the liner, or if not, just do like my kids do and eat it like a treat.

Stir sticks into warmed milk to melt chocolate

 To make hot cocoa, just heat up the milk and let the chocolate stick melt away as you stir to make a warm cup of goodness, the little marshmallows float to the top. You could eat these pie crust cookies on the side for a double dose of chocolate.

Make a hot cocoa stir stick with Chocolate chips

I love how cute these little guys are but I am  a whipped cream and cocoa powder kind of girl.

Mini marshmallows

Thanks for stopping over to our Welcome Winter party. Make sure you stop and see the other ladies Welcome Winter ideas!

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