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Creative Women in Business Sandra Evertson

Welcome today to the multi-talented and amazingly artistic Sandra Evertson to Creative Women in Business!
I found Sandra’s work when I started blogging, and have been captivated ever since. With a fabulous sense of whimsy, imagination and an eye for seeing beyond the ordinary. Sandra has been published in over 40 magazines such as Artful Blogging, Romantic Homes, Where Women Create and Somerset Studio. As well as writing her own books, Fanciful Paper Projects and Fanciful Paper Flowers she has lines of rubber stamps from Stampington and Company.

Sandra Evertson

Thank you so much Sandra for taking the time to be interviewed! Tell us a little about your creative background.

Sandra Everston's work a vintage french woman with an umbrella

Well, there is really nothing much to tell here! My creative background consists mainly of my own self education, meaning everything I know how to do I have taught to myself, through books and classes and just plain experimentation.
How did you find your art style and medium?

Sign that says Happiness is

I didn’t find it, it found me! It evolved over a period of time till one day I just saw it and went, Oh, cool! As for my medium that is for ever and always changing and I hope it always does!
You are a successful book author and magazine contributor…What do you find is the hardest thing about creating for someone else as opposed for just yourself?

Clock with dancing woman

This can be a little tricky at times if you start to get involved in thinking like that. The key here, at least for me is I always make what suits me, it really must be something I love and am fascinate with so that I really want to bring to life. So its never a problem, only a joy to create!
With such a busy schedule, are you able to find time to create for yourself? And when you do, what is your passion?

Rubys wedding gown  made from paper

My private creating time has gotten really scarce lately. Sometimes I see a project that is setting on my work table and just yearn to be able to drop my assignment and go to it, but in these economic times I am very grateful to have the work! When I do steal away a few minutes or hours if I’m lucky, I restore antique porcelain pieces. I am absolutely mad for the beautifully painted German and French Meissen type figures! They enchant me and send my imagination soaring! I think what I love the most about these items is that I know exactly what it took to create those precious pieces centuries ago.
You just opened a wonderful, new Etsy shop, what inspired you to do so?

Wire show with ribbons and embellishments

I have always wanted to open one, to be able to offer a few of a kind pieces but with my schedule it was tough to carve out the time to do it. Well, I finally made up my mind and started working on stuff specifically for it.
What goodies are you going to be stocking?

Gnome figurine on a rose

As I mentioned, I want to be able to offer special things that you just can’t find anywhere else. Like the hand poured porcelain items and a few of a kind sketch books and journals with a sketch of my own in it for inspiration!
As a successful published artist, what advice would you have for someone who is just starting out and would love to see themselves in print?

Paper witch project

Just Go for it! I was there at that spot just a few years ago…my advice is don’t wait for them to come to you. You go to them and by what ever means necessary! Submit your work to art magazines, go to a book publisher with a fully formed book and say here you go, that exactly what I did!
I have your book Fanciful paper projects and love it!It is so inspiring for me! What was your inspiration behind it?

Woman wearing a hat cut out over newsprint

To make some use and sense of all of the little paper creatures I had hanging around and had always been creating as they were really starting to pile up!
What do you do when you have a creative stumbling block?

book with eyes drawn on it with glasses

Creative stumbling block? Fortunately that is something that doesn’t exist for me, if anything the problem is turning the ideas off for a moment or two, everywhere my eyes fall and idea is sparked!
What is your favorite part of creating in itself?

Woman's face with magnifying glass and flowers

The possibilities! That’s it, all of the wondrous, delicious possibilities!
Sandra, Thank you so much for a fabulous interview!!!!!!!
You can view the wonderful and artful life of Sandra and her creations at her blog, or visit her Etsy shop to purchase one of a kind items!
*All images are property of and used with permission by Sandra Evertson

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