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How to Fake a Flocked Christmas Tree (Without Flocking on Your Tree)

I love our Christmas tree. I really wish we could have a real tree, but I have a pine allergy, and I can deal with it for about a week until it makes me too miserable to deal with anymore. So quite a few years ago we bought a faux tree and haven’t looked back. Our tree is a Balsam Hill and I love it so much! It’s the 6.5 Balsam Fir pre-lit tree (link below). The tree looks super realistic and it has both clear and color lights. The the best part is the remote control to turn the lights on and off with. Those trees are an investment, but in my opinion are well worth it. It’s so easy to put together too! But most of all I wanted to share with you how to fake a flocked Christmas tree when you have a regular artificial Christmas tree.

Winter forest Christmas tree

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After quite a few years of owning a plain green artificial tree, I decided I would love to have a flocked tree, but without the commitment of having to keep it flocked. I just wanted the flocked “look” so I decided to fake my flocking. There are all kinds of items and techniques you can use to flock a tree from DIY flocking powder spray, soap shavings, shaving cream, cornstarch and a sifter, and even snow flock powder and white glue that recommend you place it directly on the branches of pre-lit Christmas trees. NO THANK YOU. Instead of voiding my warranty of my beautiful tree by putting flocking spray directly on the branches (and flocking spray can be a little toxic too depending on the brand you don’t want to spray it directly in your house), I used extra branches from an extra tree andplaced them on a drop cloth and flocked those outside in a well-ventilated area( with my gloves, mask and protective gear) using a flocking spray, and tucked those  in the branches. Re-using an old tree is a great upcycle too. In fact, you can see other ways you can re-use an old tree.

Find our Balsam Hill tree here.

Flocked Christmas tree branch in a winter forest inspired Christmas tree

I also purchased a few pre-flocked branches from Michaels in their floral section for variety.I  tucked those branches in among my regular branches away from the lights, along with some flocked pinecone branches, berries and other sparkly and snowy floral’s I have the winter wonderland tree I wanted without all of the commitment. Both big name craft stores have lots of pretty pre-made branches you can use.

Christmas tree inspired by the winter forest with owl ornament

I hung my owl ornaments a well as some mercury glass (love!), and glittery snow balls. I reused a lot of the items I used last year with my boho Christmas tree. It’s nice to be able to use the same decor over and over in a fresh, new way. And, much cheaper! I do try to come up with some kind of theme every year to give myself a direction to change it up. Before blogging I just put everything on the tree as is. This is my decorative tree. Our tree in our family room has the most important decorations of them all. Everything the kids have made!

WInter forest Christmas tree with white lights

I love that my tree has two light options. Personally, I am a white lights person. I love how the white lights look with the flocked branches. They do still leave a slight mess at times. I will notice occasionally a sprinkling of white flocking material on the ground, but not too much.

Christmas tree with colored lights

But my kids love colored lights, so sometimes it’s a lights battle. Many times, I’ll put the white lights on only to come upstairs and see they’ve switched them to the other ones It’s pretty either way. 🙂 It is nice to have the option.

Felted Chickadee garland by Anthropologie and pom pom garland

I am excited to share my entire living room with you next week. I’ve been decking the halls for a while now.I splurged just a wee bit this holiday season and bought a felted chickadee garland from Anthropologie. I saw it on-line and instantly fell in love with it! It was the only thing new I bought this season with the exception of a few small things from Target and some greenery.Though, after I took the picture I decided I liked it better in the dining room, so it’s now on the hutch.  Now that everything in the living room is painted white. I really love how it acts like a canvas for color and pattern. It feels so much more calm and restful in here. I love how my winter forest Christmas tree looks against it! For more holiday decorating inspiration, make sure you check out my book,

Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Décor

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  1. So beautiful. Just bought your book and can’t wait to try a few of your ideas. Love your tree…I’d be the one standing there going back and forth between white and color lights…lol. Unfortunately, Balsam.Hill is not in my budget. Would love suggestions on.how to switch up tree decor without having to buy all new “stuff”. I find a few new ornaments just doesn’t do it. Thanks!

  2. Gosh! What a beautiful tree. Well done! And I love your tips for a “faked flocked tree”. I actually did the same thing in my dining room this weekend. My tree was just too dark and a few flocked branches mad a HUGE difference.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your tree is impressive. I am trying to choose a Balsam Hill tree (for next year) but it is so hard to choose without seeing it in person. Which one did you choose? Thanks for the flocked branches suggestion. I have had a real tree every year of my life but I have reached the point where I cannot manage it myself, so this is a big decision for me. Have a lovely holiday.

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