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Woodland Wanderings Online Watercolor Workshop

Have you ever felt like you are so connected to a place that  you could be immersed in it 24/7? And that it also gives you amazing joy to share it? For me, that is the woodlands. I feel like myself the more I go into forest-y, mossy places. It seems to unscramble my brain and infuse me in a feeling of calm. That’s why my new online watercolor workshop, Woodland Wanderings, is so special to me and I hope it is for you too. It’s actually taken me a year or two to put it together because I kept wanting to add more and more to it. I wanted to make it more than just a sit and paint watercolor workshop. I wanted to make it an experience. Even though Woodland Wanderings is an online workshop, I wanted to give a reason we could put our phones down and pick up a paint brush and experience nature, so the Woodland Wanderings Online Watercolor Workshop was born!

Woodland Wanderings online watercolor workshop

This online watercolor e-course includes:

The Woodland Wanderings online watercolor workshop is very, very beginner-friendly. It includes a video on brush strokes and tips for those who a new to watercolor painting. And for those who have some experience, you can jump in and paint! After painting mushrooms and ferns, the end of the workshop ends in creating an optional tunnel book to re-create your woodland walk! This course includes:

-Over and 1 and a half of video content

-Immediate access to the entire course

-Step by step instruction

-Access to a Facebook group for art support

-Printable artwork to round out your tunnel book

-Free printable discovery journal to take on your wanderings and catalog your findings

-Traceable templates

-Videos and reference photos for those who don’t live near the woodlands

A hand painting a fern with a brush in the Woodland Wandering one line workshop

Included in your registration is a digital/printable discovery journal. At 62 pages you can print it and take it with you to record and catalog your wanderings for references for this course or future watercolor projects.

Book cover Woodland Wanderings discovery journal (eBook)

It’s the kind of workshop meant to have you notice nature and find joy in watercolor painting. I hope you will join me in this watercolor painting workshop, and wander your woodlands! Right now the early bird registration price is $14.99 and goes up to $19.99 after 5/21/24. Find out more and register here.

Create a tunnel book at the end to pull your Woodland Wanderings Online Watercolor Workshop together

Make a woodland inspired tunnel book in the new Woodland Wanderings Online Watercolor Workshop

I hope you’ll join us for this special online workshop which combines watercolor and experiencing nature.

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