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Crushing on painted black doors….

Lately, I have been falling IN LOVE at the sight of a black door against a light back ground. Inside and Out.I just love that pop of contrast! I really want to do it at The Oak house, but I am wondering if it would turn off buyers?Do I need to just stick with plain, white doors, or would black doors work? I’ll keep the bedroom doors white,but  I am going to paint the outside front door for sure, but I was thinking about the inside back  kitchen door  like Sarah did here below… All I can say is she’s a brave girl after reading her door adventure.
I love how it turned out in her kitchen!
I love this picture below too, I wish I could find the source. Anyone?
Love the look of this door!
I am digging it so much I might just have to go for it.
 I love this one too, it’s from Architectural Digest
Great entryway!!!
This looks so good with the black door and white lettering od glass!
I can’t find the source for this one. If any one knows it please let me know.
I would do it in my own house in a minute if I had a door I could do it to! It might not look as impressive on my back sliders. 🙂


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  1. Oh I agree with you on that! I just pained my French doors outside black after falling in love with an old screen door I painted black. I love that look so much. They are dark grey on the inside, which I am still loving too. Love black doors:-)

  2. Love the black door. We had the one entrance door black up to two years ago that hubby got tired and had it renewed to it’s original solid wood color; but yes, it’s great against white walls. Love all of these images.

  3. I love the black doors too, but I think I’m going to do a twist and paint mine navy. 🙂 I’ll be sure to post them when I do!

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