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15 fun cement DIY projects to try

 I found these cement DIY projects that seem like fun and wanted to share them with you!

15 fun cement and concrete DIY projects

I found the projects so inspiring, and I love working with a new material. Once I made these mini-concrete pumpkins, I was hooked!

Make mini-concrete pumpkins

These little houses are pretty awesome!

I think this  dipped star is brilliant!

I love these number candle holders, pretty cool!

These DIY mushrooms Are amazing! These would  be so fun in the garden and look so easy to make!

These clever roses using soap molds are on my DIY list. I love the idea of using ready made molds!

I still love this plaster vase that could be made with concrete too.

Plaster or concrete vse made with recycled materials


And these fun, molded concrete planters a perfect for outside planting. I couldn’t find directions on how to make this, but I want this free-form planter. And I want to make this!

And this cool concrete plate. Way too cool.No directions, but I am going to figure it out along with This organic-looking succulent planter.

I love this idea of using a old ball to make a garden orb.

And would couldn’t use a giant birdbath made from a really awesome leaf?

These tufted concrete stepping stones arenext on my DIY list with some thrift store pillows, sand and petroleum jelly. It’s worth trying it out! I wonder what would happen if you just soaked them in concrete and let it cure?

I love these cute magnets and I adore the lace imprinted votive holders!

and finally, just in time for spring, some really awesome Easter eggs!

What do you think of theses concrete projects? Are you going to try any?

P.S. after looking on-line, I found out that cement is the fine paste that binds chunkier concrete together. Just in case you were wondering!

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  1. You know that giant free-form trough, well we made one when i was in college. I will dig through my old folders and see if I still have my notes. It was a blast! One we used a refrigerator box which we cut down to size than built a framework of chicken wire to place inside for part of the structural integrity. Once we took it out of the form we skim coated it with an uneven wild mess. I had the ratios we used in my notes. Pray I didn’t through them out in the great purge!!

  2. Jen the one that has pointy edges is from a Better Homes and Gardens issue, it is also online. They show putting a cylinder in the middle of what is supposed to be a plastic jello mold. I am now keeping my eye out for this and will let you know if I have any luck. So mad that I threw an old Tupperware one out recently that mad me mad and I had lost the lid to, so you couldn’t use it for jello anymore. I could have used it for this though. Oh well, I suggest trips to Goodwill. Also just google hyper tufa and you will find really cool troughs and all that. I made one years ago at the GrowingPlace in Naperville IL. They usually have classes this time of year on making hyper tufa containers. There you will find the proportions of peat, concrete and all that. Anyway love the examples you showed, they are all inspiration. Thanks.

  3. I love your inspirations!

    Just curious to know if you have attempted the faux pillow stepping stones yet? I am dying to try them but have found next to nothing online for real instructions, other than buying them pre-made… which is way less fun than doing it myself lol

    1. Not yet! We still have snow on the ground here,but I am dying to do it once the weather clears!

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