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A vintage headboard idea,update it with gold spray paint..

The project I loved the most with the room makeover was Little’s headboard.

I had picked it up the the flea market  last Spring, knowing we would be redoing her room. It was only $40, but I knew with a coat of paint it would be perfect. I had it in my head that I really really wanted to paint it gold and it would be a nice vintage headboard idea to give it a really nice modern flair. Plus who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed made of gold?

Updating a vintage headboard before and after

It took 2 cans of 24 karat gold spray paint to completely cover it and then 1 can of clear polyacrylic paint. I wanted to make sure that after time it would hold up to little people possibly picking at it or putting stickers on it. I mean, this is the Rizzo house.

update  a vintage hadboard with gold spray paint I LOVE how beautiful it looks! And I ordered that cute little hedgehog pillow from Laura Frisk. I love everything in her shop. And she even hustled it to me so I had it in time for the photo shoot.

Same for the art print , that’s by Katie Daisy.

Someone else who I could buy everything is her shop and was super helpful on rush shipping!

I am working on Oldest’s side now. She has a loft which makes it a bit harder, but I know she’ll love it when it’s done.

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  1. Wow the gold IS perfect, and I don’t think I ever would have thought so without seeing it!
    Just fabulous… lucky Little!

  2. I love how the headboard turned out. One of my favorite spray paints for that rich gold tone is 24K. I have used it on a few furniture projects and it covers really well, dries in a heartbeat and lasts. Your blog is wonderful BTW.

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