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DIY Upcycled Painted Jeans with Trilliums

As a teenager, I discovered the joy of shopping second hand and thrift stores. I still love the thrill of the hunt, finding cool vintage pieces, and being able to take something someone else has cast off and make it into something new. I found a great pair of comfortable and stylish jeans for about $6, and decided to make these DIY upcycled painted jeans with a  floral motif on the side using the new  decoArt So Soft Fabric Acrylics.

DIY painted jeans with trilliums

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 Trilliums are a delicate woodland flower that grow in our area. I always seem to stumble across the red ones, but I love how pretty and ruffled the white ones are.

Supplies to paint upcycled jeans

To paint your own custom floral jeans, you’ll need:

Old (or new) Jeans

Thin brushes specifically small round, and a liner brush

SoSoft Fabric Acrylics in Buttermilk,Antique Gold, Olive Green, Lamp Black, Christmas Green, Bright Yellow


Make sure jeans are pre-washed to remove any fabric sizing. This is very important if you are using a pair of brand new jeans.) Paint the base of the flowers in Buttermilk and fill in the center.

Paint petals in Buttermilk and fill in outline

You can use the template provided below if necessary. Tip: When painting on jeans or other fabrics, you may need a second coat depending on how much the fabric soaks up the paint.

Trillium template or free printable

I added three Trillium flowers, and varied the petals slightly when I painted them. Let dry.

Painting flowers on jeans an easy upcycle DIY

Add leaves.  Paint the base of the leaves in Olive Green, and then add Evergreen to the tips.

Painting leaves on Trilliums and DIY handpainted jeans

After painting leaves, use Evergreen, and Olive Green to add random geometric shapes around the flowers. This gives the illusion that the Trilliums are sitting in a leafy woodland floor, and adds a fun modern spin.

Use lamp black paint with a liner brush to add details to the flowers

Use a liner brush, and Lamp Black to outline the flower petals and add lines one the inside.

Add a center in birght yellow to paint DIY upcycled jeans

Once the black paint is dry, add a flower center with Bright Yellow, by making small lines.

Add embellishments by adding small yellow dots to DIY painted jeans with flowers

With a small round brush, make small dots in set of three around the flower pattern in Antique Gold. Let dry.

Embellish DIY upcycled painted jeans with fabric paint

Add Trilliums to other parts of the jeans as well. I added one to the other side, and one near the ankle.

Upcycled painted jeans from the thrift store

 Follow the care and washing instructions for the paint to make your jeans last as long as possible, and enjoy your new-old jeans!

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  1. I also love to buy on second hand, it gives you a chance to find something extraordinary and pay for it so little money. In fact, now its my way of life 😀

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