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Amazing vintage furniture at Anthropologie…

For me, no trip out of town in complete unless I visit the local Anthropologie. Even though we have one near us, I love that they are all set up in a slightly different way.And I just adore that they all have different one of the kind vintage furniture. I went into stealth mode just for you and snapped some pictures.

Anthropolgie plates

And I always love looking at the way they have things displayed. I like to file them away in my brain box for future reference.

Amazing vintage cabinet

Where does some one even find an amazing piece of furniture  like this?

Amazing cabinet in Anthropologie

I’ll take 2!

Anthropologie display

Everything just looks so put together.

Beautiful numbered vintage cabinet

Look at this piece! Those numbers embossed into the drawers are pretty sweet.

Vintage cabinet

And this caught my eye. It had such great patina and I would love to put it in an entry way.

Do you have an Amazing retail store or Anthropologie near you that you just love to go into to just take in all of the displays?

I could go every day and soak in the creativity!

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  1. How fun that you met Mike! Oh wow you are so lucky to have Anthro so close to your house…..or maybe not LOL! Love that piece I would get that for sure!

  2. OMG Jenn, that piece with the little drawers and numbers is awesome! YEAH… I’ll take two as well!!!


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