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How to Decorate Paper Party Lanterns Idea

Hi Everyone! It’s Jennifer Zuri again from Town and Country Living. I’m sharing a how to decorate paper party lanterns idea! DIY paper lanterns are such a fun way to decorate for a party, are more eco-friendly than latex balloons, and can be reusable from year to year!  These are great for a birthday party, bridal shower and family party. When it comes to decorating for parties or special events, I love getting creative and using flowers, banners and buntings, and paper lanterns. I had white paper lanterns sitting around from Easter and decided to embellish them a bit for a unique look. I had seen something similar on a wedding blog and felt inspired to get a little artsy to share this tutorial with you.

Pretty hanging decoupage diy decorated round lanterns with streamers DIY

I decorated my paper lanterns in turquoise and pink using craft paint, fabric, glue , decoupage medium and ribbons. and trim. These are so easy to make and I think you’ll have fun doing it and it’s so easy to create beautiful paper lanterns! You can also personalize them with supplies such as washi tape, glitter, stickers and markers. The possibilities are endless!

ecorate paper lanterns with fabric and paper decoupage

A few supplies from your craft store will transform paper lanterns into something festive and fun.

Painting a paper lantern for a party DIY

To paint right on your lantern ,water down your acrylic paint dslightly and carefully brush it onto the lantern. You’ll want to first expand the lantern and then paint in color blocks. Use the wire ribbing as your guide to painting within the lines until  you cover the entire lantern.

Painting a paper lantern for a party DIY

Get a little fancy and try some polka dots or stripes. Hang lanterns to dry when you’re done painting. I hung mine with ribbon, but you could also use fishing line if you didn’t want it to show . You could stop right here if you want and still have a pretty paper lantern.


Easy painted DIY decorative lanterns

I cut out shapes from small pieces of wide strips of fabric I had on hand. Apply Mod Podge to the wrong side of fabric and carefully adhere to lantern. Very lightly smooth any bumps with your fingers. Find out more about using decoupage and paper here.

Flower and paint decorated lanterns DIY

Tie pretty ribbons onto the metal bracket at the bottom of the lantern decorations. I found cute little pom pom trim that worked great with the ribbons. It’s easier if you choose your fabric first and then match the paint to it. I think these would look cute in a girl’s room all year round or even hanging at a wedding venue!


Painted paper lanterns DIY

This project was so much fun! My wheels are already spinning with more ideas for creating pretty paper lanterns for party decor and more!


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  1. Your paper lanterns are lovely, my granddaughter’s favorite colors this summer. Thank you for showing us just how easy it is to create loveliness.

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