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DIY wood blue and white vases

I love the look of expensive blue and white vases. There is something so classic about them. I think almost every one’s grandma has a reproduction some where. My grandmother had  a beautiful set of ceramic kitchen canisters in blue and white with french script. They are paced away for safety until I can find a place to display them.

As a part of the Michaels makers challenge this month, we were supposed to make something our own and customize it. When I found these pretty cool wooden vases and wood cuts, I knew I wanted to do a  modern take on those vases.

A fun wood modern vase project

I used the two styles of vases, a wood cut for each side, a pretty stencil, and Folk Art paint in Ink spot and white. That Ink spot is the perfect color navy blue!

Paint wood cut out for a blue and white vase

First I painted the wood cuts and let them dry, and I painted the vases white.

Stencil a wood vase

On the top edges of the vases all the way around, I stenciled half of the doily pattern.

Once the wood cuts were dry, I used white craft glue to adhere them to the vases.

Modern take on a blue and white vase with wooden vases

I added some faux greenery from the Michaels flower market and they were done. I really LOVE how they turned out! even hubby gave them a little wow, so I know I done good. 😉

Not bad for some not-real blue and white vases.

A fresh take on ablue and white vases

Don’t they look so darn fancy!!! I need to find an insert so I can use real flowers in them.

The wood cut fit all of the way on the rounder vase, but I ended up trimming it to fit on the skinnier one.

Blue and white stenciled wood vase

The stencil went perfectly with the wood cut and gave it an added element.

Blue and white wood vase DIY with stencils and wood cuts

I love the contrast of the blue against the white.I think other colors wouldn’t look as crisp.

Fun faux flowers in a blue and white vase

I like these cute flower stem bundles too. I love the look of yellow against dark/navy blue.

I was trying to find flowers to put inside and I started with faux magnolias and then these bunches with their fuzzy,little heads just caught my eye. I do not even know if these are a real flower or not. My floral designer mother would know. I just thought they were super cute.

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  1. I absolutely love this idea Jen! Very cool. Now my creative juices are doing overtime! Thank you. Jann.

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