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Back to school printable

Hi everyone! We are gearing up for a few fun things this week around here in the Rizzo house!

Our living area is finally going to be finished! I have to admit, I a, holding my breath because there have been so many delays that I am afraid  something else is going to pop up. I am praying it finally happens and we can move on.

 and get our house back together!

Sadly,we are also having a big old tree in front of our house. It has the Emerald ash borer and after talking to several tree specialists, it is too far gone to save. We have another one that we can treat and save, but the main one is probably over %30 dead and splitting.It’s such  a bummer. Especially since in finally have the front walk the way I want it and it was landscaped around that stupid tree. I am going to have to put a big planter there for now and I think we are going to replace the Ash with an American Linden tree, but a little farther away from the house.

We are also getting ready to go back to school.I think everyone is ready. Outside has that Fall kind of feeling, and the kids are antsy.

With school in mind, I have a fun back to school printable for you today from one of my illustrations (for personal use only.).

Journal or notebook printable by Jennifer Rizzo

Jut right click to save, crop to the right size, and you can print on card stock to use as the cover for a journal or notebook.

Back to school journal printable

And here is one where you could use the blank spaces at the top at add a name or personalization.

I hope you are having a great back to school and early Fall! I bought mums the other day and put them in, I couldn’t resist. Even though they will bloom out early, they should have enough time to root so they’ll come up on their own next year.

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  1. I sooooooo feel your pain about the tree situation! We are also in the Chicago area (elmhurst) and this past winter did a number on our trees. Last summer, I finally finished the landscaping on the back half of the south side of our yard (the only spot I could afford to landscape) and it was done specifically around two trees. After this winter, both those trees died and changed the whole ecosystem. I’m so frustrated by that and I kind of just want to give up! You worked so hard on that walkway, so I just know how it must feel. Better luck to our trees/landscaping this winter?!

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