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The final landscaped front walk reveal…!

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I started working on our front walk and now here is the big landscaped front walk reveal!

Let me share with you what it looked like before I did anything last year. It was one of those things we said we would always get to and never did. I finally got super tired of looking at it and when a neighbor was giving away free stone, I couldn’t say no.

Old front walkHere is the the cringe-worthy before picture! And this was after I had started adding a hosta border to see if I liked how the path would look.

By this time we had hit late October, and I had just started shooting my book and I had just enough time to lay the path and prepare for the arctic blast of 2013. I was so happy  Spring finally came and I was able to get to actual landscaping and planting!

Jennifer Rizzo front landscaped walk

I am so happy with the end result!

Great landscaping for shady area under a treeI transplanted a ton of hostas from around my yard knowing they will fill in. This area is  a western exposure with mostly full shade to dappled shade to about 2 hours of sun in the evening. I needed plants that could add color and texture but stand up to the lack of full sunlight.

cute urn with burlap bowI added some $4 flower pots in urns to add color until some things grow in and bloom.

nice mixture of perennials for the shade

  Since my house is white, I decided to do a blue/purple kind of contrast with lime green. I have coral bells,pin cushion flowers and elderberry for the dark contrast.

nice mix of perennials for dappled shadeI carried it through the rest of the walk. The edging and mulching was a huge job, but it was so worth it!

unused kids bench is cute to hold  a potted plantI haven’t decided yet on what else to put on the house side and I wanted to give things a chance to grow in, so for now I put an old kiddie bench my kids have outgrown and put some purple petunias in a pot with some sweet potato vine.

cute flower pots on vintage stepladder

I even added some inpatiens in yellow pots for  a bit of color in the front. The front stoop is going to get a coat of paint later this summer and a bit of a freshening up too.

I can’t believe how different it looks! I am so happy now to sit on my front step and look at my plants. Since most of them were already in my yard and the stone was free, the biggest expense was the supplies to do the walk and the mulch (and a possible  future chiropractor visit), under $150! It’s funny how a simple thing will improve your curb appeal!

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  1. This looks so good, Jen. I remember when you first posted on this and how you laid all that stone, digging out, etc. Truly impressive work and end results!

  2. love the winding path, the hostas and that sweet step stool. The perfect cottage walkway!

  3. Love the new look! You did a wonderful job sprucing up the walkway! And love the little itty bitty cost!

  4. your patience is very inspirational ~ to the point that I think this is how I am going to expand/change shape/re-imagine my back garden! I already have most of the plants that I want to install, if I just divide and be patient… and I really love the idea of trying out the new shape with plants, if you don’t like…just move them somewhere else! I need to divide anyway, my sister wants some starts of my stuff! THANKS!!! this is awesome.

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