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Modern vintage eclectic cottage style:My signature style

HI everyone! I am excited to get to be in a fun series  called My Signature Style with lots of other talented bloggers! I was so excited when Carrie from Making Lemonade asked me because I just adore her! If you haven’t been over to visit her, please do because she has an amazing style and a beautiful heart.

Welcome of you are coming over from the decorating goodness at Life on Virginia Street

Jennifer Rizzo house style

My style has changed a lot in the last 7 years  since I began blogging. I would say it’s Modern vintage eclectic cottage style. I know that’s a lot of words, but it’s that the great things about style, it doesn’t have to fit in a box!

I really love vintage furniture and many times use that as my base.They just don’t make furniture the way the used to! I love heavy solid wood and reupholstered chairs and  couches. Not that I don’t add in new pieces like my kitchen chairs. But old furniture is so well made! Like my couch.

Fall livingroom decor

This couch was my grandmothers. My dad grew up sitting on that couch and now my kids sit on it! It’s held up so well and I love it in my living room! It’s actually due for another reupholstering, but I hope I hold up that well when I’m 58 years old. Especially if  a bunch of kids are jumping on me! 🙂

vintage inpsired kitchen with rustic elements

And I also love using some vintage industrial  pieces like this vintage work bench for our kitchen island. I’ve been debating whether or not if leave the original black color or paint the base, but I love how much work space it give us!

And wile I love using vintage pieces, I also love adding touches of modern.

Jennifer Rizzo mini bedroom make over

I love modern lamps and modern prints . Like in our bedroom.

Colorful living room with mixed pillows

and I think the eclectic parts come in for my love of color, pattern and just mixing and matching fun things. I like  a little quirk and I like to add some fun little touches. I think your house should make you happy, no matter how big or small. Just put what you love in it and  it will be amazing!

very cute creamer with a little posey of flowers

It’s a good thing to take chances on a little things in your home. Like a pig creamer. Every house needs on pig creamer turned flower vase. I mean, that’s a ton of fun for 50 cents, right?

Cute and colorful lampshade based on the book Little Women

I also like this fun silhouette lamp.

your home is a great place to try out something new like painting a pumpkin!Add  afun DIY pumpkin painting to your fall display I think that’s how we find our style is by trying things out. Thing we don’t like, we toss, things we do like we keep and then give it what ever name we want because it’s our style!

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  1. You have such a beautiful, cozy style, Jen! I adore that chandelier in your kitchen – I have been dying to find one for my bedroom forever!

  2. Jennifer…..I’ve always loved your style. It’s been fun to watch it evolve over time, too! That’s what’s so great about style…as we grow and change, it does, too. =) Super excited about your book! Woohoo! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Love your home, Jen! I love how every room feels comfy, collected, bright and happy! And I love that couch that was your grandmother’s!
    Glad to be a part of this Signature Style series with you!

  4. I love your post and reading about your beautiful Signature Style! Your home is so welcoming and layered with beauty! It was fun to join you in this signature style series Jen! ~ Heather

  5. Hi from Ontario Canada…………………beautiful fun, warm home. Do you have the DYI on your rope pumpkin? Can’t seem to find it on your web

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