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Beautiful blooms with the Endless Summer® hydrangea and landscaping my front walk…

I received this beautiful blue Endless Summer® hydrangea and I knew I had the prefect spot for it! The front walk that we started last fall. It was too late to plant anything by the time we had the stones laid, and once we finally thawed from the arctic freeze, I was ready to plant! It was so exciting to know I was going to start all of my landscaping around such a pretty plant!

I love the green and blue contrastThe BloomStruck™ hydrangea re-blooms all summer long which is pretty awesome. It solves that “missing color” thing in the front yard. When you have a white house you have to steer clear of anything with white or light blooms. They just get lost. The blue of the hydrangea is a great back drop, and it will grow 3-4 feet high and spread 4-5 feet across which is perfect for the space in front. I also love that they are easy to grow. I couldn’t wait to put it in.

Here is my front walk in the bare dirt stage.

Front walk for landscapingI am so happy with how the front walk turned out, it was pretty bad before.

When I start planning my landscaping, I like to place my pots where I think I am going to plant it and then walk around it, and view it from different areas of my yard and angles with what I already have.place you pot where you want to dig your hole for placement

This area is part shade depending on the time of day, and I have a lot of perennials in that area that can tolerate both sun and shade.

I have to admit, I am a Hosta lover and have about 15 different varieties in my yard. Many of them have been split from neighbors plants, or they are an odd variety I’ve picked up on my nursery visits and a few are sorts that have popped up from crossbreeding with each other. I like them mostly because they do well in my zone 5a climate, can be easily divided, and are free. My plan was to play the blues of the hydrangea off of the different greens of the hosta and a few other lime green plants as well.

endless summer hydrangea blooms all summer I decided to boarder it in Lime marmalade coral bells.Hydrangea,heuchera,and pin cushion flower for landscaping

And I also planted Blue Scabiosa “pin cushions flowers” for some color contrast as well. The biggest problem I have is I have to resist the temptation to plant everything too close together to make it look full. I have to remember to look at the tags and pay attention to the spread so they aren’t crowding each other out in a few years. We are going to get a truckload of mulch for the yard this year. That should be fun.

beautiful endless summer hydrangea

The blooms are gorgeous, it will be nice to be able to cut them and put them around the house too. Did you know that this brand of hydrangea can change colors depending on the acidity of your soil? The Endless Summer® site even sells a product that can change the bloom colors either blue or pink. For instance, my soil is alkaline so if I don’t add something to acidify the soil I will actually get pink blooms next year. Kind of cool.

Very pretty blue hydrangea

Would you like to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card so you can buy your own BloomStruck™ Endless Summer® hydrangea? One of the worlds first and best selling re-blooming hydrangea? Leave a comment here and tell us:

If you have a BloomStruck™ hydrangea where would you put it and would you let it be pink or blue?

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  1. I just planted one too! I love that they blooms a long time. I like the blues….They go better with my house. Looks like you found a perfect spot for yours!

  2. We haven’t planted any–yet–but I love Hydrangeas and want to find the perfect spot for one or two or more of them. And I think blue–but I love pink too…..

  3. I love hydrangeas. I like the blues but wouldn’t mind a pink! I would plant it in the backyard so I could see it from my porch!!

  4. I planted a few and the summer sun burned them up! Next time I’ll have to plant in a more shade.

  5. I have every kind of Endless Summer Hyndragea bred. I love them! They get bigger every year with more and more gorgeous blossoms. Would love to have a BloomStruck to complete my collection!

  6. I have loved hydrangeas forever. In high school I would cut them from my neighbors yard. In college I found a house near my sorority and went up to the door and asked if I could pick them. Later, I admit to “stealing them” from the local police stations landscaping. Today, I gave several of my own and am always on the lookout for more!

  7. Your plant is gorgeous! I love blue flowers but never have had much luck with them. I have never tried hydrangeas.

  8. If I had a BloomStruck I would plant it by the front door and I would love a blue one.

  9. We are in CT and my hydrangea are late going green this year. I think it is because of the terrible winter we had and I hope they will still come back. I would love to win this because I would plant more hydrangea all through my yard.

  10. I already have the pink ones, so I would pick blue. I would plant them on my backyard

  11. I would choose blue, and would put it right outside our front door, replacing plants that didn’t make it through the winter!

    1. We had a terrible winter for our plants, didn’t we? I have seen so many scorched evergreens (like our boxwoods + hollies), + I had to cut back our roses like crazy this spring. Some didn’t make it! Yikes. Better luck next year, am I right? 😉

  12. I would choose pink because it’s my daughter’s favorite color and I’d put it on our front porch.

  13. If I had a BloomStruck hydrangea I would put some in front of my house by the porch and they would be blue.

  14. I would love to plant the pretty blue ones by the front porch so that all my neighbors can admire them!

  15. I have always love blue hydrangeas!! I would plant it just off of my deck so I could admire it all summer long!

  16. I love the blue color best! I would plant them in my backyard which could use some color.

  17. Definitely the blue one for me! I have blue plumbago, purple mexican petunias, and lots of different varieties of these hues, so blue would look best among them! Love hydrangeas! I would plant them in my front and back yard!

  18. I’ve got the perfect spot by my birdbath, and only a blue hydrangea will do.

  19. BLUE. There are so few truly blue flowers out there (forget-me-nots, lobelia, + what-not), that the blue hydrangea is one of my “must-plants” for the yard! Last summer we painted the garden shed a Benjamin Moore blue, in anticipation of our landscaping color scheme! We ordered white siding for the bottom story of our Dutch colonial, + omigosh. I hadn’t thought that white flowers might get lost against it! Anyway, your landscaping project looks really good! I have to wait until the siding job’s finished, lest everything get trampled! 🙁

  20. I planted 3 of these in the wrong spot and watched them fry in hot afternoon sun for 2 years. This spring, I transplanted them to an east side of my home. It is so important you pay attention to their sun needs! I hope they come to life again! I would love a pink healthy one for my front porch pot. I hear they do very well potted!

  21. I LOVE hydrangeas! One of my favorite flowers for sure. I would definitely want blue and would put it in my front flowerbed. I have a huge empty spot that the hydrangeas would make beautiful!

  22. Hydrangeas are a favorite flower of mine. I had one for years and each time, I would only get one or two blooms. I have a great spot for some now and would love to add them to my flower bed.

  23. We have an apartment, so no garden, but I would love growing these! They’re beautiful. I would get one of the blue.


  24. i like pink! i’ve never grown them but they are so gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to plant my own garden but I just dont know how to go about it. I need to go buy a book on this, but your post really encourages me!

  25. I live in northerern IL also. I have been thinking I need a blue hydrangea for my backyard garden.

  26. I love hydrangeas and have planted them often in my garden. They are so pretty and colorful. I love the blue ones.

  27. I love blue hydrangeas, I do not currently have any in my landscape but we are currently redoing the yard so I think I will add some!

  28. If I have a BloomStruck hydrangea I would put it in our porch, and blue one would be perfect !

  29. I LOVE Hydrangeas. Husband wont let me plant any yet. I think their flowers are beautiful.

    It would definitely be a hard choice. I think I’d pick blue, to appease the husband. I once saw a plant that looks JUST like a hydrangea but was pure white… What could that have been?

  30. I would LOVE to win, so I could plant one of these Bloomstruck Hydrangeas in my backyard flower bed! I am expanding the back garden as inspired by YOUR new garden walkway!!! I love the idea of outlining the new shape with plants to see how we will like it, and by dividing & using plants I already have, especially hostas! BUT I did actually JUST buy one endless summer hydrangea, because I have never grown hydrangeas before, and I want it to be sort of the showstopper at one end of the new bed… BUT, I could use 1-2 more in this new flower bed I am creating. I would like for my hydrangeas to be blue, I think that would go best with my red brick exterior.

  31. I don’t grow hydrangeas since they wouldn’t make it here in FL, but we’re moving to PA so I hope to grow them there!

  32. Hydrangeas are my favorites! They are so pretty and have such a heavenly scent.

  33. I would love pink ones on the side of my house where I currently have nothing growing!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  34. If I had one it woule go in the front in a corner – perfect spot!
    And It would be pink.
    thank you

  35. I have a lot of places I could put one of these. I think the back yard would be best right now. I would let it be blue:)

  36. I am trying to landscape around my house this year. However, it will be bare (cleared out and neat, but still bare) until the fall when I can buy some plants. I would plant a hydrangea in one of the corner areas around my house. I love the blue ones but would be happy with either color! 🙂

  37. I would turn it blue! Hydrangeas were our wedding flower almost 9 years ago…I love them even more now than I did then!

  38. I would have pink ones in my enclosed back yard

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  39. We just purchased a new house and I would have the perfect spot for it! There’s a little nicely landscaped area along the walkway to the front door, it would look beautiful there. I would let it be blue.

  40. I would put it by the gate and I would probably have more than one so I could have both pink and blue.

  41. I just have a bit of a garden and I grow herbs. I volunteer at the Denver Botanic Gardens and enjoy all their flowers.
    Thanks for the contest.

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