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Because they really do have my whole heart even though this morning by the way I yelled you would have though otherwise….

It’s no secret to my kids that they go to school.
At the same time.
Every.Single. Day.
With Saturdays and Sunday’s off for good behavior.
But again, it’s this big surprise EVERYDAY it’s 8 o’clock! What do you mean we have to leave in 30 minutes??? Do I have to go???? I forgot to pack my lunch!!!!I need the permission slip signed! I need a red hat with blue stripes for red hat blue stripes day!!!
Um… Whaaa?
And maybe you should get some clothes on so you don’t have to walk into math in a pair of Hello Kitty shorts and a ratty t-shirt.
Or, I know you’ve been up for two hours, but maybe you should have looked for that pink shirt two hours ago.
And then there is always some one crying that we are going to be late while the other two fight over who  the found pink shirt  really belongs to and that “she’s the worst sister ever.”
But, I love them, and by the time they walk through the door at the end of the day, I’ve missed them.
Yes, they really do have my whole heart (and I think they sucked out a bit of my brain too.).
My good friend, Tara, sent me this sign from her Etsy shop. She has some amazing things and they are really well made with a great vintage feel.
 Tara has offered to give me readers a 10% discount, so if you were ever thinking about getting one or wanted a special gift for Mother’s Day it’s the perfect time!
Just use the coupon code  JENRIZZO when you order.

I am going to sit with a nice cup of coffee in a quiet house now. 🙂

The end.

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  1. Ha!!! Jen I remember those days!!!! Enjoy the quiet of the day today. I am hopping over to Tara’s Etsy shop now. I love that saying. Thanks for the discount.

  2. This post cracked me up! I’ve been there too. Eager to get them off to school and the minute they are gone miss them terribly. Great sign! The details are beautiful!

  3. Oh how I remember those days!! Seems like only yesterday. They are young men now… one just starting his career and about to start a new life with his lady luv, and the other finishing up his 2nd year of college… where has time gone? Believe it or not, there are days I miss all that.
    Enjoy your coffee….
    peeking over at Tara’s .
    Hugs, Gee

  4. oh ain’t that the truth!!! last night we had a plumbing issue arise right at bedtime, and of course my husband was not home… i yelled “just go tuck yourselves in!!!!” yes, bright shining mom moment. but i do love them with my whole heart.

  5. I know exactly how you are feeling. Mornings are usually always a battle around here. The sign is beautiful as is the sentiment.
    Wishing you a peaceful day,
    Pieced Pastimes

  6. So funny! I am the gatekeeper here too and it is AMAZING that the school bus SURPRISES them EVERY day but that they know EXACTLY what time Drake&Josh is on TV!!! How can that be? LOL

  7. Yep it is so true Jen no matter what! I always told my daughter and still do when she misbehaves that I may be upset with what you said or done but I still LOVE you! What a beautiful piece of art and perfect for Mothers day!

  8. I LOVE your spin on the sign….
    our kids really do have our whole heart…even when they drive us CRAZY. 🙂

    It looks beautiful in your home…sooo beautiful. I knew it would!

  9. Yep, that’s my life too… I hate the “fill this out and sign this …hurry”… or the “it’s amanda’s birthday and I said I would bring 6 cupcakes to school, can you get them and bring them to me at lunch TODAY’…

    BUT, then I have the boy who will be going off to college and moving away and it makes me take a deep breath and remember to be happy I have this right now!

  10. Sweet post. Love Tara’s sign and it looks so darling above your dresser! My littles have my whole heart and part of my brain too…maybe all of it. 😉 I only have one school-age guy to get out of the house in the morning…but it’s the same deal. Soon enough all three will have me chugging straight from the coffee pot after they hop on the bus.

  11. I smiled reading as I felt kinship with you having had the same experiences with my own children. I hope you enjoyed your moment of peace and quiet today! Love the sign!

  12. Ahhhh…the joys of motherhood! I have three girls…I understand completely. There is only one left at home which brings the chaos down, however, I hate to tell you she still seems to lose her brain at times. My children are all too familiar with my saying “Use your brain!” This would be used at those times that they look at you blankly asking for really stupid things…like “what are we having for supper?” and I have a frozen lasagna out on the counter.

    I love, love, love my girls…and as I enjoy the wonderfulness of perimenopause and all the brain fog that goes with it, I expect we’ll be having all kinds of fun over the next few years!

    Great blog!

  13. Hi Jen,

    Great post! Oh how I remember those days so well, absolute chaos some mornings getting ready for school, and than there were the days when they were teenagers and I wondered if the phone would ever stop ringing!!!!!!! And the constant strain of Mom I need this, Mom I need that. You long for peace and quiet and than before you know it you are an empty nester and all of those crazy mornings and phone ringing off the hook didn’t seem that bad after all.

    Take care sweetie!

  14. OH honey can I ever relate! There are some days that I just look at them and shake my head… really? I mean you’ve been in school how many years now? 12 including kindergarten? and you haven’t figured out how to let me know that you need _____ (fill in the blank) more than 30 minutes before you go to school or at 10 at night (once all the stores are closed except for walmart who happens to be out of said item because all the other kids remembered it a little earlier in the evening and their parents made mad rushes to go get said item… clearing out the shelves in the process..) And yes the first one graduated so its a little better but I have to agree with “a thankfully imperfect woman” about adding in the perimenopause brain as well… ha ha!

    Love the sign!

  15. LOL! this is great!
    and boy oh boy can i RELATE!!!
    except i home school, so it basically never ends.
    but i love it just the same. 😉

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