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Make a Bird’s Nest Vase with a Grape Vine Wreath

Grape Vine wreaths are one of those things in the craft store that’s easy to walk by and think nothing if it! The thing is they have so much potential! Welcome to the 4th day of the 6 days of Spring! I have to tell you that this is probably one of the easiest projects and easy spring decor and craft! In keeping with the “natural theme” this week, I wanted to make a more interesting vase for some beautiful tulips. All you need is a mason jar, a bit of wire and some angel hair grapevine to Make a Bird’s Nest Vase with a Grape Vine Wreath!
Make a bird nest vase inspired vase with grape vine wreath and spring tulips display with books and clocks

 It’s so easy to make! Start by selecting a grape vine wreath that is called an “Angel Hair” grape vine wreath or garland. You want this kind because the branches are so thin and whispy and easy to form. The regular kind of grape vine wreaths branches are too hard to use. I found them next to the regular grape vine wreaths at the craft store.
Make a DIY bird nest vase with tulips
Grab a cylinder-style vase from the craft store. Carefully unroll your grapevine wreath or garland and re-wrapit around the vase. working upward, laying the grape vine on itself. I did secure it at the base with a little hot glue to keep it in place.  I had just enough to cover the entire vase, but you could trim it at the top and glue it if you have a lot of excess. It was  a bit messy, but it looks so. darn. cute!!  I also used brown floral wire  2 places to keep the grapevine together, but for the most part, it kind of stuck together.
I added some water into the vase and my flowers and that was it! It was really easy and with the cylinder style of case, you can easily remove it to change the water and the flowers once you have the grape vines in the shape you need.
Tulips in a grapevine wreath
How cute would these be for a bridal shower centerpiece, grouped at 3 different heights? I love how this vase feels so organic and has a natural texture. You could also tuck some moss around here and there to give it an even more natural texture. It you love moss and natural texture see how to make this abstract wall art with moss.
Pink tulips in a vase
I just love how it looks like the flowers are growing right out of the grape vine nest !
pink tulips in a grape vine wreath with green leaves
Trader Joe’s has Tulips and Hyacinths  super cheap right now, so I have been picking up a bunch or two every week for a little burst of spring. Make sure you visit the other participating bloggers and their fab projects below!
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