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Make Cute DIY Curtains from Tablecloths in Under an Hour!

I wanted to share how to Make Cute DIY Curtains from Tablecloths in Under an Hour!! As I’ve mentioned before, my front window is 106 inches wide, and since I  need 4 panels, it can get pretty expensive to keep the neighbors from looking in. Even drapery fabric can be expensive. I wanted something with a bit of color for spring, but I couldn’t find anything I loved that wasn’t almost $100 a panel. I have awesome taste. 🙂 I’ve splurged in the past,and the way I like to change my drapery, it just doesn’t make sense to spend a lot. I’ve found that curtains made from tablecloths work just as well and are very, very affordable!I was so excited to be able to make these cute DIY rod pocket curtains from Target tablecloths, and you can transform your room in under an hour. Making your own curtains is a great beginner’s sewing project as well!

Cute Curtains made from Target tablecloths

Now these are very simple curtains, and there is no curtain lining to make blackout curtains. Personally, I like it when the light filters through. Start by measuring your window. A general rule of thumb is you want about 1/3-1/2 more fabric in width than what you measure so you have some natural folds in the fabric and they close and hang correctly. Otherwise they will look too tight when you close them or they won’t close properly. This is now I know I need at least 4 panels for my large window.

Target tablecloths

For this version, you will want a sewing machine, but if you don’t have one you can either hand sew the hem and seams or you can use a fabric glue and pin them from behind to re-enforce them You can also use fabric clips and rings and just fold it over like I did here for a totally no sew curtain option with curtain rings. I loved this pretty cotton tablecloth option because the colors were perfect! The wide length meant I only needed two, and the longer length meant I could hem them to the height I wanted (and maybe have a leftover for a pillow or two!).

Turn tablecloths into curtains.These are from Target

I laid out my tablecloth curtain fabric With a tape measure,  I measured how long I wanted them..My drapes hang 87 inches from rod to floor  and about 6 inches from the ceiling, so I measured to 91 inches, with the extra 4 inches…1 inches to fold over on the bottom edge to hem and 3 inches  on the top to sew the rod pocket. I have a skinny curtain rod. If you’re is thicker you will want to allow for more inches, especially along that top edge. Remember, If you don’t want to sew a rod pocket you can used drapery ring clips at the top of your curtains to hang them and your done!

I cut my curtain fabric  straight across at the top with sharp scissors. If you’re worried about a straight line you can mark it first or use painter tape to have a line to cut along. By cutting them at the top, I only had to turn over the top of the curtain,use straight pins to hold it where I wanted it, and run a straight stitch to create my rod pocket. The best to kept the original bottom hems and make less work.

Hem tablecloths into curtains

If you haven’t cut your curtain panel lengthwise at all and don’t need to do a side hem or hem any other raw edges,  sew a straight stitch all of the way across by either hand sewing  with a needle and thread or with your sewing machine. They are ready to hang! Just slide them long the curtain rod right side out. Before you hang you may want to iron the fabric including the bottom of the curtains to make sure they hang correctly at the floor.

Target tablecloths mae into living room curtians

Aren’t they cute? Would you guess the blue graphic pillows are napkins I found in the same aisle sewn together? How perfect is that?

Fun mix of color and pattern for spring!

And I used the extra fabric I trimmed from the bottom and the cute button strip that came around the packaging to make an extra pillow.The total was $32.00 for two tablecloths and $10.00 for the napkins to make 2 pillows. Not a bad way to change up the entire room for $42.00 and some tax!

Extra tablecloth fabric made into a pillow

I haven’t shown you my full living room in a while. To be honest, I’ve been a little embarrassed. Since our downstairs is still a work in progress since the flood, as you can tell by the couches all jammed up together,we are still living a bit on the cramped side and it’s been very hard to keep clean and organized. And I HATE the TV in the room. It’s like a big, black vortex.

Living room Jennifer Rizzo

Hopefully we will be able to get back down there in the next month and we can not only get back to kind of normal, but we can get the TV off this level.I feel like it’s the elephant in the room.

Jennifer Rizzo Living room with a couch, table and curtains

Kids art on giant chalkboard

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  1. I love what you did the with tablecloths! I’ve seen those at Target, and now I want to buy them to do the same thing – my dining room and living room both desperately need curtains. Such a great idea. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Jen,
    The panel fabric is so perfect to bring Spring into your home. Before you know it, you will have your space back and the big black box will be nothing but a bad memory.
    Have a Good Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

  3. I saw those tablecloths on a recent trip to our local target but they didn’t have two the same size…I have target tablecloths as curtains on my patio door in my kitchen – got them on sale for $5/tablecloth – a great SCORE! I use ring clips with mine for a no-sew option! Yours look great – I am on the lookout for that pattern!!!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I too have used Target tablecloths and napkins for my home decor in ways other than what they were meant in my master bedroom decor. The fabrics are so unique and as you mentioned, inexpensive. I’ve also used tablecloths from TJMaxx in my dining room when I couldn’t find both the colors & pattern or had the budget for the fabric. One can’t deny that $12-20 for a “panel” is a great bargain.
    I’m a new follower to your blog but have seen your work through others…so had to make my way over to visit! judi

  5. I LOVE that pattern! It actually makes for perfect (and machine washable!) curtains. And as someone who just made pillows out of Crate & Barrel tea towels that were on sale, you’re singing my song. 🙂 Brilliant advice to cut the tops vs. the bottoms — I’ll have to file that one away for sure.

  6. Winning!
    Your living room is so fresh + cute!
    Don’t you just love all that Threshold merch from Target?
    Check them out online if you’re stuck at home (in the snow) today!

  7. I started making pillows from Target napkins 2 Christmas’s ago for inexpensive décor. They are so easy to make!!

  8. I’ve seen this before, but thanks for the reminder. I just redid my dining room with vintage furniture and need some window treatments for the incredibly small window

  9. I love making curtains out of other items! My living room
    Curtains are currently made out of an old duvet cover. I love the pattern on the tablecloth. Thanks for reminding us to not always see things as they are, but what they could be!

  10. Jen, FABULOUS idea!!!! Love the use of tablecloths & napkins to make new drapes & pillows.
    Drapes these days are SO expensive!!!! Thanks for a great blog!!!! Sandy 🙂

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    1. Bought the Target table cloths yesterday and curtains are my Saturday project today! I LOVE your finished room pic on pinterest. So talented. Need to brighten things up around here in a BIG WAY so thank you for giving me inspiration. Love your style.

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