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How to Make a Glowing Glittery Snowball Candle Globe

 It was  a snow day today and we got almost 8 inches of the heavy, wet white stuff! It’s a perfect day to craft and make some holiday decor,  instead of going out! Let’s dig out the Snow-tex  and I’ll show you how to make a glowing glittery snowball candle globe. They are perfect companion for yarn trees!
How to make a glowing snowball candle holder

In my holiday home decoration post I had shown these little guys, which are fun battery operated candle holders that have a snowy look!
Glittery glowing snowball candle holder for battery operated candles


They are my wintery snow ball candle holders. They are so cute and white with just  a bit of sparkle for the day. And at night, with a battery operated candle in them, they just glow I decided it was the perfect day to make a big and round snowball candleholder. It uses a product called Snow-tex which is awesome and my battery operated candles get the perfect warm glow in them!

xWHite paint and snowtex to make a snowball globe


All you need is your glass candle holder, white craft paint and then either white glue and glitter or that sparkly glitter paint.  I love making un holiday crafts like these little luminary village houses.
paint the outside of the glone with white craft paint

After washing your glass, paint a coat of white acrylic paint on it and let dry. Then get your best smearing groove on and apply the Snow-tex. You can wear gloves if your skin is sensitive or if you just don’t want snow-tex encrusted fingernails.
Add snowtex to the painted globe

I just kind of smear and pat all over until it’s totally covered to create a more snow-like texture. Pat gently though so you don’t break the globe (They can be fragile)! Then let dry.

For another fun winter craft project, make a Jingle Bell tree!

Let the snowtex globe dry

Let it dry for 3-5 hours until the Snow-tex on your glittery snowball candle globe is dry, and where the kids can’t reach it until it’s hard and set.
Paint the globe with glue and then sprinkle glitter

Then you can leave it or glitter it and make it super sparkly!!!!
how to make a glowing glittery snowball candle globe

 And you end up with a sparkly white, glowing, glittery snowball candle globe.These would be so pretty lined up on a mantel ( I recommend battery operated candles for safety. ) and the best part is, that Snow-tex sticks to almost anything you could make  a picture frame, or do pine cones….. You can find it year round, it’s normally next to all of the glues and adhesives and varnishes and such.
~Happy Holidays!
Make a glittyer glowing snowball globe craft
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