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Creating a vignette on an armoire with pretty touches….

Today, our guest contributor from Ella Claire Inspired,who is expecting her own little bundle of joy soon ,is here to share some decorating with you!
I am happy to be back here visiting again to share a little project I have been working on, creating a pretty vignette on an armoire!
My sister in law let me come and cut the last of her gorgeous hydrangeas. Aren’t they just beautiful!? I look forward to her beautiful hydrangeas every year. I love how, once dried, they still look so lively and beautiful. They were practically already dried out on the bush, so all I did was cut them and let them sit out for a couple days.


I decided to make a little arrangement for my Ella’s room. We recently bought an antique pine armoire for her room and I thought the flowers would add such a pretty, feminine touch to the top of it.


First, I grabbed each stem, pulled the leaves off and cut the stems down a bit.


I layered them into this sweet little cream vintage basket I had on hand, making sure to vary color and size.



I had plenty of hydrangeas, so I made sure my arrangement was nice and full.


Here is what the armoire looked before:


And here is what it looks like now…
I love the gorgeous raw pine wood!!
I placed the hydrangea arrangement on top of a pretty vintage suitcase that I found at a local antique store.
I stole this ADORABLE little rocking horse from my mom. Once I saw it in the pile to sell at her yard sale, I knew it was coming home with me! Don’t worry, I paid her in Ella kisses.


I hung a dress I made for Ella on one of the cabinet knobs. I made it for her while she was still in my tummy out of a linen type fabric and a vintage doily.
 I am still not sure why the knobs are uneven. Funny old piece.


I put the pillow that I shared {here} in the little rocking horse to soften him up.
Now I just need to find the perfect linens for her iron bed… or the fabric to make them! I am not having any luck… so cross your fingers for me!
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I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Very nice! I love the hydrangeas and the pine amoire.

    I have been finding Rachel Ashwell’s shabby chic pieces at Goodwill and have added a few pieces from Target to pull it all together for our spare twin bed. I like that I can add vintage pillows or pillow cases and have it all still “match”.

  2. oh wow! soooo pretty! what about a chenille bedspread? we found some for our girls just searching online…they are old fashioned and cute and later you can use it for other beds..:)

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