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Designer’s choice for charity….

I was honored this weekend to be contacted and asked to be  a judge at the Randolph street market in the city at the Editor’s and Designer’s choice for Charity.

 Even though it was  a little wet,  my cousin, Sandy, and I took and early ride to Chicago. It was very cool to be able to go and participate. I was able to choose 5 items that I thought were amazing, award them with a ribbon,  and a portion of the proceeds went to my favorite charity. Mine was for Feed my starving children. It’s a charity that we pack meals at through our church.  It’s been a great experience for our family.
I loved these business cards. I thought they were so clever.

 And these too gorgeous ladies, Lisa and Caren, from SimoneDreary Design group. we agreed it was dangerous to be there, we wanted to buy everything.
 The ballroom was huge and full of stuff.
 I tagged these awesome 1920 theatre chairs. How great would these be in a mudroom or entryway?
 and I couldn’t pass up a vintage chalkboard. That sold right away. It was gone by the time I did my second loop.
 Loved the copper on these fans.
 and I tagged this piece. If I had brought my check book it would’ve come home with me.
 She had a great booth.
 I drooled over this silver.
 But I had to tag this vintage tractor seat. How perfect for under a island or desk.
 I must’ve had a stool thing, because I tagged this one as well. I loved the patina. This was already sold too on the second pass.

 I had to tag these bread bowls.  They were amazing. 
This vendor had some great industrial pieces as well. It was really good I didn’t have my checkbook.
There were so many great things to buy, I did buy a vintage locker basket and some vintage jewelry pieces. 
I am looking forward to doing some more flea market shopping next week at the Kane Country Flea Market and then the next week is the Nada Sale!
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  1. Gorgeous post Jennifer! Thanks so much for your support of the Market! We were honored to have you participate in this event!

  2. how fun. definitely some great stuff there. i will have to go sometime. too bad when you tagged it you didn’t get to just take it home.

  3. Jennifer, we loved having you and what a great blogger you are too!! You brought sunshine on our rainy day and it was for a great cause. Your picks all sold, you chose well 🙂

  4. I love going downtown to stroll through Randolph Street…such great stuff!

    And too funny…I have the very same chalkboard! Lately I have been toying with painting over the green with black chalkboard paint…but I hate to ruin the originality of it all.

    Oh, and those metal drawers would have found their way into my car for sure! So cool! ;o)


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