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Handmade Abstract-Inspired Heart Card for Valentine’s Day

Creating handmade cards is a fun and wonderful way to celebrate a holiday. You can make a handmade abstract-inspired heart card for Valentine’s Day. This so easy to make, and you can create a custom color scheme this way or make the heart smaller or bigger. It’s fun to play with the paint too. This is also a fun craft to do with the Littles or Grand Littles at home, and making an entire set of them is a great gift to give someone else too. There’s also a video below you can watch of the project with this post.

Makehandmade abstract-inspired heart card for Valentine's Day

To make these handmade, abstract Valentine’s Cards, you’ll need cardstock or heavy paper, craft paint (colors of choice), a pencil, scissors and glue. This is the same technique used to create this artwork.

Use a pencil to trace a heart shaped outline to cut

When creating your handmade cards, you also also make them for other holidays by changing colors and the shape from a heart to a star or other design.

Start by folding the card stock in half and tracing half a heart on the crease. After tracing, cut long the line to create a heart shape.

Use scissors to cut out a heart shaped piece of paper

Place the heart cut out over a folded blank card. By placing the heart near the top of the fold, it leaves room to cut out a second heart if desired.

Drizzle craft paint on top of the paper to paint an abstract shape

Drip acrylic craft paint onto the paper heart randomly. I used 3 colors, but you can use as many colors as you like and make it really fun and colorful!

Use paper to pull the paint across the paper to make handmade abstract-inspired heart card for Valentine's Day

Use a leftover scrap of paper and press flat, and pull the acrylic paint across the heart and blank card. This will create your abstract pattern. Continue to pull across the heart paper, adding more paint of needed and changing direction to vary the pattern. Once the paper is covered, stop pulling the paint so it doesn’t get muddy and let the card dry. Make sure to set the heart cut out off to the side and let it dry as well! We are going to use it to embellish the card.

Let the red and pink paint on the paper dry on your handmade Valentine's Day card

Let the paint dry completely, and then cut a smaller heart out of the bigger heart scrap.

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Cut a smaller heart from the inside of a larger heart with paint on it to make a custom handmade card

To decorate your handmade abstract-inspired heart card for Valentine’s Day, cut out a smaller heart and apply glue to the back.

Apply glue to the back of the heart shaped piece of paper to glue onto the card

Press the heart onto the center of the painted heart on the card and smooth out any air bubbles.

Place a small heart on top of the card to make an abstract art Valentine's Day card

For a fun touch, apply the outer cut out part to the inside of the card and write a sweet message on the inside.

Glue and place the painted heart outline to the inside of the card to write a message in

This is such a fun way to make a special, handmade card to give to someone, or to create something personalized and custom.

Make an abstract inspired Valentine's Day card

The heart would also be super cute on the front of the envelope too for your custom handmade abstract-inspired Valentine’s Day card.