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Easy Faux Sherpa Couch

Faux sherpa is popping up everywhere! While it use to be reserved for jackets and blankets, it’s now being re-imagined onto furniture pieces such as couches and chairs. The soft, textured fluffy fabric is so soft and comfortable it’s no wonder people love it. There are two really bid drawbacks to sherpa. One, while it has all of those really plush textured bits are so comfy, they trap dirt and bits like no one’s business. The second it that it doesn’t wash very well. That’s an issue if it’s a couch or chair, but that creates a bigger issue.And unless they covers are removable,it’s not machine washable at all. Sherpa is is definitely not a fabric you eat potato chips on. I wanted the look of a faux sherpa couch, but I wasn’t ready for the commitment of not being able to clean my furniture so I decided that faking it was the way to go using the inspiration from regular sherpa sofas was a sherpa blanket.

Sherpa blankets used as funriture throws

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One easy way to get the look without all of the commitment is to use a sherpa blanket from a large department store and use it as a faux drape covering.  Of course Wayfair has this nice sherpa couch in a modern style if you just want to purchase one, and Pottery Barn also has several comfy options as well. This came at the perfect time because I wanted to give our downstairs a refresh. It was a pit. It had become a catch all and needed not only a good deep cleaning but a fresh new look. Sherpa is a fun fabric, I even created a Christmas tree out of it.

Downstairs before quick makeover

As we are talking about this, you might wonder, what is sherpa fabric? Faux sherpa is modeled after the fleece of a sheep, but synthetic. Real sherpa fabric is called Shearling.

Sherpa blanket on couch with pillows

Using two large queen size faux sherpa coverlets from Walmart, I covered one side of my sofa and stretched it to the edge, I then layered the other side directly over it until it covered. The fabric was then tucked deep into the crevices.

Downstairs after quick makeover wioth sherpa blankets

While this technique is fine for a place where mostly adults live, if  you have either littles at home, or large dogs, or teen boys, this is not the technique for you…lol. They are going to have it pulled out and you are going to be constantly re-tucking it. Though I’ll be honest, sherpa ins’t the most family friendly material either. You can get a little more creative about pinning it or adding elastic straps to make sure it doesn’t move as  much, but it’s still going to be a little more work to keep it looking nice and tucked in. You can also fake a sherpa sofa with a sherpa slip cover.

Couch covered in sherpa easy cover

It was the perfect quick update for our downstairs space and is super soft to lay on and read. For under $60… it was a great upgrade!