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DIY Decoupage Black Lace Halloween Bottles

I had  a few bits and scraps of lace leftover from the costume challenge and some fun bottles from the dollar bin at Target and I thought I would make fun DIY decoupage black lace Halloween bottles and add some spray painted dried flowers from the yard. I always love a good decoupage project, there is nothing like picking Mod Podge off your fingers for days afterwards. 🙂

DIY decoupage black lace Halloween bottles.

To make these fabric lace decoupage spooky bottles you’ll need a decoupage medium like Mod Podge, tacky white craft glue or glitter glue, glass bottles, black lace, black fine glitter, interesting dried flower stalks, Gold spray paint, gold glitter

Decoupage is a fun way to change inexpensive bottles. While the circular bottle was  a bit of a challenge it helped that the lace was cut in a more abstract pattern. Paint the bottle with decoupage medium first, then the underside of the lace. Lay the lace over the top of the bottle and then paint with another layer of Mod Podge to press the lace flat.

DIY decoupage halloween bottles instructions

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You may have a few “sticky outie bits” on the fabric that needs to be trimmed to lay perfectly flat. IF you don’t want glitter, you can skip it, but if you do want a little sparkle after the mod podge dries, paint white craft glue onto the bottles and sprinkle the glitter.

Use the seed heads of the coneflower as halloween decor in decoupaged black lace bottles

While the decoupaged bottles dried, I spray painted and glittered my dried flower heads. I just sniped some coneflowers  from my backyard. I gave them a coat of gold spray paint and then used the craft glue and gold glitter to make them a bit fancier. If you don’t have those, you could use sticks or even pom poms.

cute decorated bottles

I ended up displaying them on a craft wood slice with a few pumpkins for a fun and spooky Halloween look.

Decoupaged black lace spooky bottles

I like the sparkle the glitter gives them and lightens all of the dark lace. Mod Podge and decoupage are such a fun way to add embellishments to items, like these dried flower decoupage pumpkins.

BLack lace halloween bottle

If you think you are going to use real flowers with water in them, use a sealer on the outside like an outdoor varnish to make them just a bit more durable.

glittered seed heads in decoupaged fabric bottles

I think bigger bottles would be fun too to make DIY decoupage black lace Halloween bottles. It would be pretty to also do this on recycled jars, or with white lace for the holidays. I like that it’s so versatile!

decoupage halloween bottles

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  1. This is a really cute idea! I love how easy it is to do, and the end result looks great. I’m definitely going to try this out for Halloween this year!

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