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DIY decoupage Halloween bottles

I had  a few bits and scraps of lace leftover from the costume challenge and some fun bottles from the dollar bin at Target and I thought I would make Halloween bottles.

 I always love a good decoupage project, there is nothing like picking Mod Podge off your fingers for days afterwards. 🙂

Halloween decor made with dollar bottles

You’ll need:

A decoupage medium like Mod podge

tacky white craft glue or glitter glue

glass bottles

black lace

black fine glitter

Interesting dried flower stalks

Gold spray paint

gold glitter

I first decoupaged the lace onto the bottles.  You can find directions on how to decoupage here.

The circular bottle was  a bit of a challenge, but after I trimmed a few “sticky outie bits” the fabric laid perfectly flat.

After that dried, I painted white craft glue onto the bottles and applied the glitter.

DIY decoupage halloween bottles instructions

Then while THAT dried, I spray painted and glittered my dried flower heads. I just sniped some cone-flowers  from my back yard. I gave them a coat of gold spray paint and then used the craft glue and gold glitter to make them a bit fancier. If you don’t have those, you could use sticks or even pom poms.

Use the seed heads of the coneflower as halloween decor

I ended up displaying them on a craft wood slice with a few pumpkins.

cute decorated bottles

I like the sparkle the glitter gives them.


If you think you are going to use real flowers with water in them you are going to want to use a sealer to make them just a bit more durable.

BLack lace halloween bottle

glittered seed heads

I think bigger bottles would be fun too. It would be pretty to also do this on recycled jars, or with white lace for the holidays. I like that it’s so versatile!

decoupage halloween bottles

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