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How to make DIY gold foil art flower abstract art canvas tutorial

I am very excited to share with you the details of my collaboration with(this post contains affiliate links) Cricut and Hayneedle! I created two projects.One was the faux inlay dresser, and the other project I created for the collaboration was a DIY gold foil flower abstract art canvas.I lived making it, because I was able to use both paint, and gold foil, which I am a little in love with. You know how you find a product and then you want to put it on everything? It’s kind of like that.

Our room decor was set as Industrial rustic, and the designer collaborated and decided to give it a feminine, floral flair. We had base furniture to start with, and all of the makings to create a great space. I made the faux inlay dresser.

Faux inlay look with Cricut vinyl

You can see how to make that here, and I made the DIY gold foil art flower abstract canvas, which I am going to share how to make below. It was so easy!

Cricut bedroom styled by blogger designers #sponsored

 I started by painting  a canvas with white as a base coat, and then painting the room colors on a 20 x 20 canvas with a wide brush, and let that dry. Use long sweeping strokes that overlap. If you find the color is too heavy, go back over it with white paint.Using colors and paint that is already in the room is a great way to make sure your art matches!  You can also see this how to paint an abstract canvas tutorial here.

While the canvas was drying , I cut out this floral element I collaged in the Cricut design space on the 12 x 24 inch cutting mat.

Gold flower cllage image from the Cricut Design space to use for a DIY gold foil project #sp

I took  pre-made design of a single flower and laid them on top of each other and then welded them so they became a single image. That’s what I love the most about using my Cricut, is that is if you aren’t familiar with using your own images, there are a ton of pre-made images and patterns you can tweak to look custom.

I used that awesome gold foil,A 20 x 20 canvas, the room paints,the Cricut weeder,the Cricut scraper,a wide chip brush,transfer tape, and the 12 x 24 cutting mat to make my canvas.

After my image was cut out, I used the weeder to remove the excess gold foil from around my image, I then used the transfer tape to grab it all in one piece together. Let me tell you,this stuff is like magic.

Cricut tranfser tape with DIY gold foil #sp

I flipped it over and carefully placed my image in the upper right corner.Once I had my placement, I pressed down with the scraper.

Place image in corner and press DIY gold foil to remove from trafnser tape with scraper #sp

I found putting a stack of books underneath, and pressing on top with the scraper helps to adhere the gold foil into the canvas, while carefully peeling the transfer tape back.

Custom canvas using Critu gold foil and paint on canvas #sp

Once it was done, I used the scraper to press down and remove any air bubbles to finish my DIY gold foil art, and it was ready to hang! I love how it looks with the other stylists artwork. Even thought they were made by three different people, I feel like they go so well together! We all used the room colors which helped with the cohesion.

DIY gold foil flower custom abstract art canvas -Artwork made with Cricut #sp

It makes for such a great, custom space. And, I love how easy to was to make DIY gold foil art on an abstract canvas.

You can follow both Cricut and Hayneedle on Instagram for inspiration, and you can also watch the video of how we collaborated together here. I am wearing the infamous hat that saved the day!

 This post is sponsored by Cricut and Hayneedle. Opinions are all my own.

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