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DIY hand-painted agate-inspired plates and wine glasses

I know we’ve talked in the past about what a geek I am for rocks and minerals. I was noticing how beautiful agate patterns were, and decided that I needed to apply that idea to some plain glass plates and glasses. After playing around a little,I have a tutorial for you for DIY hand-painted agate-inspired plates and wine glasses. I think these ending up turning out  really beautiful. It took  a little trial and error to figure out how to effectively apply the paint so it didn’t look streaky, and looked mineral-like. I settled on a stippling effect on the underside of the glassware, with a metallic glass paint, so it had a little sparkle. Even thought it’s on the underside make sure you use a food safe product, and that you follow the directions on the bottle so it’s washable. It would be so sad to spend so much time on this project ,and have it all slide off at the first wash!

HOw to DIY paint agate inspired plates and wine glasses

I used gold,dark purple,light purple,white and navy blue metallic glass paint. The ending effect is so beautiful! You can find glass plates and wine glasses at the craft store, or Ikea, or even Homegoods, and they aren’t very expensive.

Paint underside edge of plate with glass paint

First clean your glassware according to the paint directions. Flip it over. You are going to only paint on the back side so the top remains plain glass and food safe. Remove any paint that gets on the front side of the plate.

Use a brush to “stipple” the paint on. If you aren’t familiar with it, stippling is loading the paint on your brush and making a quick up and down pouncing motion.

Paint gold lines across the underside of the plate

Do a a few wiggly lines across the back and let dry.Once that’s dry, start adding your colors in stripes.

Stippled lines  across back of glass plates to make agate inspired plates

 Pouncing and stippling as you go.

Make stippled lines to the bottom of the plate

Once you get to the bottom, touch up any areas and let dry.

Cover the back of the entire plate with gold paint

Once it’s dry, stipple the entire back of the plate with the gold glass paint.  Let dry. I found it was easier to put it on a box, off the table top.

How to paint wine glasses

For the wine glasses, you are going to do the opposite of the plates, and paint the gold on first and then go over with the other colors.

Hnd painted glass agate plates

Follow the directions for proper cure and dry time so you can use them.

DIY hand-painted agate-inspired plates and wine glasses

I made up a fun table setting with the newly painted tableware and some rocks and crystals

with the DIY hand-painted agate-inspired plates and wine glasses .

Crystal and marble tablesetting

agate inspired hand painted wine glasses

The wine glasses ended up looking lovely.

And I love the gold reflection on the inside!

Agate and gold inspired glass tableware

The plates are really pretty too!

Agate inspired glassware

HOw to DIY paint agate inspired plates and wine glasses

I would love to do a large platter like this, or a glass plate for candles. I love how the gold peeks through the purple and lavender on the front. I was also thinking about doing these DIY hand-painted agate-inspired plates and wine glasses in a blue colorway for blue agate,  or even a green colorway for Malachite. That would be really pretty with silver of copper as an accent.

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