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Stenciled rock napkin holders

If you’ve a few minutes, a few (clean) rocks, a few stencils and some multi-purpose paint laying around, you can make these stenciled rock napkin holders.

It seems like it too simple and it is! But the stencil is cute, and it’s much nicer looking than plopping a plain,dirty rock on someone’s napkin to keep it from blowing away.

Stenciled rock napkin holder

I used a few cute stencils and multi-purpose paint from Decoart, and a few clean and sanitized rocks.

Stenciled rock napkin holders

I just taped the stencil on the rock and pounced my paint on. The multi-purpose paint is nice because after it cures, you can even dish wash what ever it’s on. I did a few layers of paint to deepen the color. Make sure to quickly wipe off any extra paint from around your pattern. Once it dries, it’s really hard to get off the surface.

Painted and stenciled rocks fro napkin holders

I used two different colors and a few different patterns to mix it up a bit.

Painted rock napkin holders

Cute? Right?

Napkin holders with painted rocks

If you don’t have any rocks in your yard, the craft store actually has small bags that are just the right size. Possibly also a landscape supply store has them.

Stencilednapkin holders

I made these and I thought, is this really a project?

painted rock for napkin holders

But I thought, it’s actually one of those mad-genius things. So crazy, it might be brilliant?

Easy project for those windy picnic days

If you can make a rock paper weight, why not some stenciled rock rock napkin holders?

Outdoor table setting

I made a little table setting on my back deck next to our crazy Wisteria plant. It has really taken off this year! There’s a Robin’s nest at the top, so I’ve been waiting until the baby birds leave the nest to give it a big trim.

stenciled rock napkin holders for outdoor dining

And painted and stenciled rock napkin holders are something that’s easy enough to do that even the kids could do it for a fun project or party idea!

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