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color-blocked wooden bangle bracelet

Hi there! I am here to share a fun project today with Decoart paint and some of their new colors. Today I made a hand-painted, color-blocked wooden bangle bracelet!  I am so excited to be a part of the Decoart crew, and I’ll bring you a fun project every month using some of their products! They sent me 3 bracelets to paint however I like,and I decided it would be fun to do a little color-blocking and taping to use the fun colors from the 2016 Americana Color additions.

Tape lines for a color-blocked bracelet

I first taped the area off on my bracelet so I would have clean lines with painter’s tape.

Make color blocked wooden bracelets

I then painted each color. Letting one dry before taping for the next. The yellow paint took two coats to cover completely.

Paint DIY color-blocked wooden bangle bracelet

I painted one side first, let it dry and moved to the next side. I added a small, paint line in gold paint between my colors. One to hide any mistakes, and two to add a small touch of glimmer. After they were dry, I sealed them with a coat of clear,matte sealer.

Paint fun color blocked wood bracelets

The hardest part was keeping the colors from blending together on the edge, where the flat part met the curved part.

I used a small brush for touch ups to get it as even as possible. But, part of it is to remember it is hand-made and hand-painted so perfection is not required.

Paint fun bangle bracelets

I had a few places where I had a little bleeding but not too bad! I ended up painting the inside with gold to add some richness. The bare wood looked too bare.

Fun and colorful DIY bangle bracelets

They are  colorful enough to wear with jeans, or I think pretty enough to wear somewhere a little dressier too. These would be super cute with a bright skirt, and of course, your Mom or grandmother would love these as a fun hand-painted gift to get! Or you can just make them for yourself! 🙂

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