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Easy chair makeover and the design house

The #loveyourneighbor design house is coming up quickly. I am excited because I’ve decided to have a lot of fun with the design. I am going fun, and eclectic and a bit quirky. I found these two great 1960’s chairs and thought they would be perfect in the room. The fabric was a great color and in great shape. It also had some great legs under the skirt I waned to show off.Like a lot of vintage furniture they are also really well made.

Chair ready for transformation

In their current shape, they are way too traditional and heavy looking. So I wanted to do a no-cost chair makeover.

chair skirt

It took me forever (well, an hour) to remove the skirt on the first chair.

Once I figured out a pull and pry technique, the second chair went much quicker and only took me about 20 minutes.

remove chair skirt

Once I had the skirts removed, I took the back cushion off and replaced it with a single yarn fringe pillow (Tutorial here.).

Super easy cahir makeover by removing skirt and cushion back.

Doesn’t it look a bit Mad Men? I was excited by how amazing they looked and how they transformed.

I cna’t wait for you to see the light fixture I found. It’s always a good sign when you have it in the hallway and your husband walks by it and says “What’s with the ugly light?”

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