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DIY Moss Ball Planters

Moss ball planters are so easy to make and are a great way to bring in some greenery  into your decor.

Supplies to make a moss ball planter

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You’ll just need a few supplies to make your own Moss Ball Planters

Supplies are: a round foam ball, a planter it fits in snuggly, glue such as tacky glue or hot glue and dried craft moss. At the good old craft store I found a product called Supermoss. I love using Supermoss! I used it to make a dough bowl orchid planter, and  even moss filled topiary containers.

Making a moss ball planter with an urn and super moss

And a foam ball that just fit on the top of my 40% off coupon urn. I slowly use my low-temp hot glue gun to carefully work my way around the ball, attaching moss, making sure to cover all of the ball. Buy more moss that you need, it goes on quickly.

Using glue to attach moss to a foam ball

It went pretty fast. Super tacky glue would just as well. Some of the moss packs have lichen and reindeer moss which would be fun to add for different textures. This project can also really be changed up by just swapping out the urn or planter in different shapes and styles. For impact, make a set of 3, or a bunch of mini-moss ball planters to put along a windowsill. That would be so cute!

DIY moss planter with dried moss

It was way under $30 to make my moss ball planters, and they retail for well over $60 at some of the boutique stores. It’s so much more affordable to make larger ones this way. I styled mine on the buffet with some vintage books and a cute cast iron bird. It’s nice to have some greenery in the winter.


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  1. I’ve wanted one of these forever!! Now I will have one!
    And, I love your little bird too.
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