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Just in time for Spring! Step by step how to paint a nest, no art skills required!…

Hi everyone!  I know you have been asking for another no art skills required painting tutorial, so I thought how to paint a nest would be perfect for spring! I did this one on a branch for the tutorial,

but you could just do one giant nest on a canvas with the same technique.

YOu can paint a nest a step by step tutorial

How to paint a nest picture no art skills required!



Acrylic Paint
in brown,grey,blue,green,white,light blue,and cream

Paint Brushes
I used a round brush and a flat brush.

How to paint a nest 1After base coating your canvas in light blue, use a flat brush with brown paint to paint a branch shape.

If you pull the brush from right to left pushing down hard at the start and lifting up near the end, it will look more natural.

How to paint a nest 2Ad some little side branches.

How to paint a nest 3Then you can use yout round brush and a bit of green to draw leaves. Draw the outsides first with a reverse tear drop shape, and then fill in the middle.

How to paint a nest 4Make a smaller tear drop for another leaf at the end of the branches.

How to paint a nest 6Once you get all of your leaves and branches done, in the crook of the branch paint a banana in brown paint.

How to paint a nest 7Then  paint another banana on top of that in grey.

how to paint a nest 8Dip your round brush in brown and grey and make cross-hatches across the banana.

How to paint a nest 9Once you have all of your cross-hatches, let it dry a bit.

how to paint a nest 10Paint your first egg by taking some blue and making a half-egg shape at the top of the grey banana.

how to paint a nest 11Add two more so they overlap.

How to piant a nest 13Take white paint and paint out lines around each of the eggs to define them.

How to paint a nest 14Take some more white and fill in the back of the eggs to shade them a little lighter at the backside.

How to paint a nest 16Once your eggs are shaded,go back with dark brown and start making more cross hatches covering over the base of the eggs, making them seem like they are inside the nest.

How to paint a nest 17Then go over the top of that with a bit of cream paint.

How to paint a nest 20Take a bit of brown paint and lightly dab speckles on the tops of the eggs.

How to paint a nest 21

And then let dry! You can go back and darken your tree limb, or add more leaves and branches like I did.

You can paint a nest no art skills required!

Once you have your whole pictures painted and it’s dry you can seal it with a acrylic sealer.nest picture by Jennifer Rizzo.. how you can paint this!

It brings a nice touch of Spring!How to paint a nest picture no art skills required!Have fun with this how to paint a nest tutorial  for spring!

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  1. Wow, you’re so talented Jen! I’d love to try some of your tutorials with painting. You make it look so easy!

  2. I love this painting! The white pumpkin painting I did from your fall tutorial was fantastic. (It was my first attempt to paint on canvas.) Better get my next canvas ready for the spring project! I might try an even LARGER canvas this time. It would be great for the mantel with my bird collection & framed prints. Thanks for the inspiration…

  3. I have now done your pumpkin tutorial and the egg nest tutorial and I so appreciate your instructions. For someone who has never painted before it is so great to feel like I can really accomplish something! Thank you so so much! I have one question I’d love some input on. I love how the nest painting turned out but now that it’s all done I’m wishing I would have done something to make it look aged. Is there anything I can do after the fact to give it a bit of an aged, distressed look? I’d love some input. Thank you!

    1. You can go over with with either brown paste wax or a mixture of 50% brown paint and water and give it a wash.

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