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Easy spider web Halloween decor embroidery hoop hanging

Now that  pumpkin spice latte season is here, it’s time to start breaking out the tall boots, sweaters, an maybe a bit of the spooky stuff.

I found this huge embroidery hoop at Michaels and I thought it would be kind of fun to make a craft out of it. While I am normally a big NOPE when it comes to spiders, this project ended up so cute I decided that fake spiders were maybe okay. And I mean maybe. I don’t mind a little spider web Halloween decor, it’s just the real things.

All you need for this project is a large embroidery hoop,yarn, tacky craft glue and a few faux spiders.

fake halloween spider

Start by separating the two sections of your hoop. Right now you are only going to use the inner hoop.

Use two embroidery hoops

Tie the end of your yarn onto the inner hoop. I found this really cute black and white yarn that had solid parts and stripes. I used the black yarn for the web and the striped yarn for hanging and the hanging spider.

Use black and white yarn for the spider web embroidery hoop craft

After you’ve tied your yarn to the hoop,start wrapping it around the outside, criss-crossing as you go. Once you’ve gone all of the way around, as many times as you like, cut and tie it off making sure the yarn stays tight.

Wrap the yarn in this spider web craft with embroidery hoop

Once you’ve done that, then put the inner hoop back inside the outer hoop. This will keep the yarn in place.

I found a two pack of these Halloween spiders and decided to glue one onto the web

Easy embroidery hoop spider web hanging

and have the other dangling slightly.

Spider web hanging decoration from am embroidery hoop, so easy!

One the glue is dry, add some yarn onto the top as a hanger and hang!

really fun and easy embroidery hoop craft for Halloween

Of course, Ms. Safety says to make sure you keep out of reach of children as this could be a strangulation hazard.  I know I am paranoid, but have you met the Rizzo children???

craft spider from Michaels

I really loved how simple this was, and not very expensive to make,but it is so much fun! Who doesn’t love an easy project?

And if you are looking for some Halloween decor, I have pillows and goodies in the shop!

For Halloween and Fall!

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