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Spooky and Artsy Halloween Mantel

Kelly, Lucy and I have decided to do a mini-Halloween hop to show off some of our spooky decor. I wanted to share with you a look at my spooky and artsy Halloween mantel. I have what I am calling my Edgar Allen Poe inspired mantel to show you today!
Halloween decor using vintage elements like books, a black garland and large clock over the mantel with book stacks inside

We had a show in Chicago called the Son of Svengoolie where they showed those old black and white horror shows. It was on Saturday afternoons, just after the last morning cartoon ended  and just before my Dad sat down to watch (boring) golf. They were just scary enough to make you peek around doors and make you jump onto your bed at night with a running start with out letting your feet get near the space at the bottom. There were no feet hanging over  the edge those nights.
Halloween mantel using clocks for Halloween decorating ravens, and a large paper mache pumpkin person
 They would often play old Edgar Allen Poe movies, which I loved, even thought they scared the pee out of me. So I added some elements to evoke that feeling of an old, creepy mansion with all of the clock faces and a Halloween candlabra.
Black and white, cream halloween theme with vintage clocks and a raven
 Of course I needed a  Raven.
Clocks can add a creepy look for halloween decor with a pumpkin person
And some vintage clocks for the ticking of the heart under the floor boards in “The Tell-tale heart.” I think the black and white graphics go together so well for Halloween.
Halloween decorating with clock faces and vintage items including letter blcoks and cloches for a Spooky and Artsy Halloween Mantel
The pumpkin lady is my stand in for the ladies in the really dark and freaky “Tales of terror”
Pumpkin sculpture for decor
 And the bird cage in the first picture represents the mansion in “The House of Usher.”
Skull and tulle garland made from dollar store items
Dollar store craft halloween ideas with plastic skulls
 I added my skull tulle garland  which is so fun.


Dollar store raven in decor
And I added another raven and a stack of vintage books as an homage to the master of horror. I wanted the feeling of a creepy old library.
Old books in decorating ideas for Halloween
cool warty pumpkin
 And of course I needed a warty pumpkin… no reason other than  I had to have a warty pumpkin, because warty pumpkins are cool.
Vintage clock face in decorating
tick-tock, tick tock like the Tell-Tale Heart.
Letter press blocks spell out boo with a raven behind
Boo to you!!!!I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour! You can stop over by these other creeeeeepy houses for the rest of the hop!


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  1. First of all, I need your clock collection (so start sleeping with one eye open).

    Love your Raven theme and you really used your noggin with that skull garland.

    Of course, everyone needs a warty pumpkin too!

    Glad to be house hopping with you!

  2. Great Halloween decor and story….That old black clock reminds me of the one i had in San Francisco…They just don’t make them like they used to! Yvonne

  3. Love the clocks and the books and the crow and the skulls and pretty much the entire thing is just beyond beautiful …so fun to have shared the day with you …xo

  4. Love to know where and how you got the large clock faces. been looking for quite some time (excuse the pun)..

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