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Easy Stenciled Holiday Chalkboard Art

The holiday season is rushing by so quickly! One thing I really love is to be able to create art that is easy to swap out. Chalk art is really really pretty, but can require some hand-lettering skills to complete.  I thought I would show you an simple way to make the perfect easy stenciled holiday chalkboard art with stencils! There are no hand lettering skills required!

stenciled holiday chalkboard

It was so easy!  I used these stencils from my stencil line to make the artwork:


The reindeer Christmas stencil


the Standing trees stencil


Antlers Christmas stencil


the Classic letter Christmas stencil


And then Marching starts Christmas stencil

It was easy simple as taping the stencils in place with painter’s tape and then using chalk to “color inside the lines”! You want to press hard enough to transfer the chalk but not so hard that you create chalk dust.

Merry and bright holiday chalkboard art made with stencils

I used the stars stencil and then drew chalk lines to make it look like the stars were hanging off of the antlers.

the trick to stencil lettering is to always start with your middle letter and work outward in either direction

The trick to stencil lettering is to start with your middle letter right in the center of there you want it, and work outward in either direction. It helps to keep your spacing so the word works out the way it should when you are lettering with chalk.

Use a deer stencil to make a perfect deer

I also think it is fun how the deer is “walking” among the trees. It gives it a nice forced perspective. I really love the stars hanging form the antlers!

Super easy holiday chalkboard art made with Christmas stencils

I love how festive it looks and I look forward to changing it quite a bit!  I think it’s so much fun! If you are interested in any of my Christmas stencils, you can use the coupon code RIZZO20 for 20% off at the Royal Design Studio Stencils website!!!

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  1. Jenn, what a great idea. It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of that”moments! Your cheery blackboard looks amazing all ready for Christmas!
    BTW… your book is AMAZING!!!! I’m featuring it on social media!!! (And I just got a book deal with the same publishers!)

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