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Bakery Display at Nada Farm Sale

Some of the most wonderful things about the Nada sale were the patisserie  that Anne Marie set up. and the wonderful bloggers that came out to visit. I love it when you finally get to meet a blogger that you’ve only talked to thorough comments, and you find out that they are the most amazing people. Anne Marie is an amazing baker, and the way she had her bakery display set up with her gorgeous baked goods was amazing!

Chocolated cake with fresh raspberriesAngela and Anne Marie rocked the patisserie at the Nada Farm Sale. It was a case filled with handmade goodies, made with two of my favorite food groups; butter and chocolate. Even better, Anne Marie covered the top of the vintage case with a dress, fabric and a dress form reminiscent of Marie Antoinette. It was gorgeous, especially in the barn setting!

Display case made to look like a french bakery

The way it was displayed was like the most gorgeous french bakery display. I just adored all of the creativity! You can see the next year’s Nada Farm sale here.

Baked goods in a display case

I’d never had a macaron until Angela brought her’s and it was amazing! If you’ve never had one you have to order some from her. They would be a wonderful gift. They are like nothing I’ve ever had, sweet, flaky and chewy in the center. I loved the floral flavor of the lavender and the cocoa-iness of the chocolate. I couldn’t eat enough of them. You can see more of the display at the Nada Farm sale here.

Box of macarons

This was such a cute display with the macraon tower and Marie Antoinette handmade canvas. There were chocolate tarts encrusted with hazelnuts and ganache and fantastic baked goods.

Tower of macarons and a Marie Antionette canvas

They also had HUGE Cinnamon rolls in the morning as people came in. They went really fast!

Cinnamon rolls

After licking my sticky fingers, I finally was able to meet some wonderful people!

Sheri from the ruffled nest

If you’ve never been over to the Ruffled Nest, you have to check out her blog! She was so sweet and friendly to talk you!

Ladies at the Nada Farm sale

And Suzanne from Privet and Holly. She and her friends made quite the drive! and Mrs. B, (I wish we had gotten a pic together,) is the proud new owner of my peacock chair. Traci and Tracey were there as well, those two gorgeous ladies brightening up the room.

Jen Rizzo, Angela, Joy and Anne Marie standing on the farm

Angela, Anne Marie, Joy and I want to thank everyone who attended the first ever Nada Farm Sale. We so enjoyed getting to know you,sipping champagne and eating macaron’s with you! Anne Marie is going to be starting an e-mail mailing list for the next sale, so if you’re interested, head on over and leave her your e-mail address.
See you at the next one! 🙂

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  1. I so need the mark the calendar for the next sale! When you get the date, share it! I feel so sad I missed such a wonderful time! Everything looks fabulous, you girls did an amazing job!


  2. And, dear Jen, it was so wonderful to meet YOU and Angela, Anne Marie and JOY, too! I brought home something created by each of you…. and will continue to think of the petit flea with a smile. Looking forward to my next visit! xx P&H

  3. Oh wow! That’s a sale that I would’ve loved attending! The patisserie shop looked amazing! Straight out of Paris! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love your pretty scarf, by the way!

  4. loved getting to know you better – and becoming friends…the farm has really played a large part in our friendship…which I treasure beyond any photographs, BUT, the photographs you took are just so good Jenn –

    have a great time at FC!
    Anne Marie

  5. Wow! That sale just keeps looking better and better!! As if the goods weren’t enough, then you add styling, food and friends!! What a time!

  6. The ONE thing I regret from the Barn Sale: Not getting a pic with you! The amazing artist of my favorite chair.
    Well…maybe I regret not getting just one more lavendar macaron. 😉
    It was so so nice to meet you.
    Have a blast on your Big Girl Trip and I’ll be sending up some prayers for your hubs.

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