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Painted Ethan Allen Furniture Makeovers

This is one of those Ethan Allen smaller dressers that were very popular in the ’70’s and 80’s and considered good quality, but affordable.  I had two that were the same that I finished in two totally different ways, just to give you an idea of how versatile they are. The green piece I added wood appliques and trim and the other just painted it. I think both of them I paid about $10-$15 a piece. I think  a lot of people pass them by because they are so dated looking, but they have so much potential and are such great blank canvases.I gave both pieces of  Ethan Allen Furniture Makeovers.

Ethan Allen furniture makeovers and painting

This first piece was really plain and needed to be fancied up a little bit. I added an applique and filled the extra holes in on the top. Sometimes moving furniture knobs can make a huge difference not only in appearance but functionality like this gray-washed cabinet.Ethan Allen furinture makeovers

Adding wood appliques can really change the look of a small dresser of cabinet with Ethan Allen and other  painted furniture makeovers.

I painted it with green paint and added some flowers and birds to make it feel like it was a fancy painted vintage or antique dresser. I also sanded it a little to give it some distressing and make it look aged. Did you know you can age furniture with masking tape?

Small painted dresser vintage makeover

 On the second piece , the holes were also moved for the knobs, but moved the opposite ones. If you’re curious about what I seal my furniture with once it’s painted, check out this post.

Small painted dresser makeover

       I’m thrilled with how they turned out, and I hope they sell right away. The Ethan Allen furniture makeovers  are always good sellers because they are such good quality furniture and are made to last!!

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  1. We have 3 lower storage units with louvre doors and drawer at the top. All I did was replace the tiny knobs on the drawer with 1″ flat black knobs and it looks great! That Ethan Allen “custom room plan furniture will last for generations!!

  2. What did you do with those old drawer pulls? I’ve been trying to match ones we have but haven’t been able to find them. Looks like the bail pulls you have there. You didn’t throw them away did you?

    1. HI Tim.
      Since,the project was over 5 years ago, I probably have them in a box somewhere…. if you are looking for ones to match, I often see similar ones on Etsy.

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