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Barn Market in Romantic Country Magazine

It was so exciting to open Romantic Country Magazine and see my photos from the Nada Farm barn market and many of my friends featured too!
Romantic COuntry Magazine feature
The latest issue Spring 2011 of Romantic Country was an exciting one for us. Anne Marie’s Nada Farm Sale was mentioned, and my pictures were used of the amazing event!  Just as exciting were the other ladies mentioned in the issue.  I felt like we’ve walked among celebrities!!!! It’s so fun to open the pages of a magazine and see some of your closest friends.
Nada Farm magazine feature
There was Tracey from French Larkspur, Ruth from The Beautiful Life, Dusty Lu from Dusty Lu Interiors and Maria from Dreamy Whites. They are all such amazingly talented women!
Romantic Country magazine
Romantic Country is such a beautiful magazine. The pictures are so amazing and I love getting a peek into everyone’s life and creativity.  It’s amazing to see so many women work in creative businesses. And barn sales are becoming a thing and they are so much fun. Joy had her sale mentioned as well, with Angela’s pictures.
Shop the shed sale Romantic Country Mag
IT got even better when I turned the page and saw my girl TARA from Blondie n’SC. Talk about keeping secrets! I just adore her style!!!!
Magazine feature Romantic Country
It features page after page of her GORGEOUS and creative home! I was so excited for her I called everyone I knew that knew her. Tara’s in there! Tara’s in there! I know, I’m a total nut. But, you have to see it if you get  chance. Tara is the sweetest, and her home is just beautiful and has such personality.
I would say for Romantic Country magazine it is the best. Issue. Ever.


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  1. Oh goodness!! 🙂 I better buy that issue asap!! LOVE all of those ladies and their blogs!! Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  2. I miss her blog too! I completely understand though. I was honored to be with you in the latest issue your images are amazing! Thanks for mentioning me. Your and angel. God bless! Merry xmas to you and yours. Lulu

  3. I keep forgetting to pick up my copy. Tara emailed me 2 weeks ago about it…. i was soooooo excited for her and all of my favorite blog reads to be featured as well!!!!

  4. Oh my! This issue really is the whos-who in blogging! How awesome! I better snag me a copy tomorrow!

    And LOVE Tara, I so miss her blog. I’m gonna drop her an email right now!


  5. Yes, that modest little Tara kept it under wraps! I miss her blog too, but am blessed to have her living under 10 minutes away…she is the sweetest!

    Great issue all around! 🙂


  6. Jen!!! How exciting is it that we are all in the same issue!! I love it, and can you believe I haven’t gotten my own copy yet, I think I need to send it to you so you can sign it! 🙂 love you girlie, thank you for the mention, you are way to sweet to me, and I am blessed to call you my friend! muwahhh!

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  8. Oh yay for sweet Tara! What a booger….she didnt say anything!! I definitely gotta go run and get a copy to see all these wonderful chickees!!!

  9. you pictures look so great in that issue Jenn…you so deserve it…

    I really like that issue…so much that I’m doing a giveaway with that included in it….

  10. My girls!! I am so happy for all of you, and can’t wait to get this issue, it looks fantastic. Wishing you the happiest Merry Christmas and a beginning of a wonderful year!! Hope to see you again at FC, it’s my once a year I get to see all of you. 😉


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