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How to repurpose old candles

I love little gifty things to give like candles, but I don’t always love the jar they come in, and sometimes I have old candles laying around with just a bit left in the bottom that I wish I could do something with. I love being able to repurpose old candles to give them new life
 I have  a candle warmer that I use when the kids are around, and I found it perfectly heats candles just above melting.
 A vintage punch cup holds just about the same amount of wax and is sooo much prettier.Brillant! Melt you old candle bottom on awarme then pour into  a new container!!!
Carefully pour the wax into your container in the center to make sure it doesn’t run down the sides.
Please make sure wear something to protect your hands from the heat. And always be really careful when handling hot wax. Please take all of the proper precautions.
  I do this on my range top, so if I drip any wax, I can easily get it up. A smaller jelly jar also works well.
Pour old candles into pretier containers
 I just reset the original wick for a few seconds. I have tipped over the cup at this point many time, so be very gentle at this stage. All of the stuck on wax is not a pretty site or easy to clean, and it’s hot.
repurpose old candles into old cut glass cups
Don’t touch it for at least an hour while it sets up and it’s good to go! Put a cute little tag on it, or enjoy it for yourself!
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  1. Creative idea.I agree some candles dont come in boring containers.I do like your idea much better.Hope all is well and you are keeping warm there…Chickie

  2. Cute idea! I can move the remainder of one candle into a smaller holder and recycle the larger glass holder. This is a nice idea! You can even make two candles from one if you have an extra wick!~Ames

  3. My list of craft must do list just got longer now!!! looks so cute! and i just read your past posts i’ve missed and can i just say how gorgeous you home looks for Christmas!!

  4. Love this idea so much!! Definitely gonna try this with my remaining candles for presents :)!

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