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Favorite 2016 post and plans for 2017

Hi everyone! Today I am joining a few other bloggers to share our favorite 2016 post, and what we hope to accomplish for 2017!

I actually have two favorite posts from 2016.

The first one is when I finally painted my living room white!

Living room lay out for a small house and a rectangular room

I know it doesn’t seem like a huge difference, but

it had been a cream and blue color four years and I had been itching for a clean,fresh palette!

White painted walls and boho decor

I actually love how it’s a bit more minimalist, and I am not a minimalist by any means.

I like my “stuff” a lot! it just seems slightly more relaxing now. I love the white against the gold mirror which was a thrift store find! And we swapped out our regular coffee table for a DIY hairpin table, and it made such a difference!

You can click here to see more of the room.

My second favorite 2016 post is our guest bathroom makeover.

I love doing renovations and DIY’s around our house, but like many people with real time and a real budget, it happens as we go along. I wish were were those kind of people that cold pop these things out in a weekend. For us, it’s more of a steady process, doing bits and pieces as time and budget allows. This bathroom was a project just like that. For a long time we had one full bathroom and basically a closet with a toilet. For a while we only had one bathroom. Do you know what it’s like to live in a home with five people and only one toilet? It ain’t pretty. There’s a lot of pounding on doors and yelling involved, and awkwardly leaving doors unlocked during showers. Let’s just say two are a real treat.

Small basement guest bath with wood accent wall

 I loved how it turned out since we were working on such a small budget! The vanity was vintage buffet painted with AS chalk paint, and the wood wall is left over flooring from our upstairs kitchen renovation 6 years ago! It added big style and impact. You can find out about the full details here.

And what projects do I hope to complete in 2017 around the house?

I am so happy to tell you here, because if my husband is reading this right now, he is inwardly groaning at learning all of this for the first time… Think of it as a brownie points list honey. Just for you.

The biggest ones on the slate are:

Master bedroom painting

Kitchen cabinet refresh with new knobs

Finish all downstairs trim

Transitions from hardwood floor to carpet

Bathroom ceiling

and possibly:

Side yard landscaping

Crown molding downstairs

Tile kitchen back splash

But that’s it, right (wink wink)?

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