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White painted walls living room refresh with Glidden and Why should I paint before I sell a home?

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with Glidden paint recently, and I wanted to share our living room completely refreshed with a living room paint makeover with white painted walls! I also wanted to answer a very common question I get with my design business, “Why should I paint before I sell a home?”

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It’s amazing how paint can change your entire space! Paint trends change just like any other trend. Many people make the mistake of picking one color and keeping it for 30 years. While that is fine if a homeowner is planning on staying in a house that long and they really love it. However,if they are thinking about selling, it’s normally time for a color refresh on the walls.

Many of the homeowners I do interior design and redesign for want to know, “Why should I paint before I sell a home?”

After all, aren’t the new homeowners just going to paint it colors they like better themselves? Well… maybe? But, that’s actually not the reason fresh paint can be important. The real reason is simple marketing. The idea is to make what your selling appear in the best possible light,and make it look bright and open, and  fresh paint can help do all of those things, even on a tight budget.

For example,between the two bottom living rooms, which looks more appealing  and relevant to today?

This first one?

Living room before painting

Or the second one?

Modern Boho fall living room decor

Both of these are actually my living room! The first one was from 2008. The second one was from this fall.

Big difference, right?Even though my style has changed, painting it  a lighter color made a huge difference. It was a hard change though for me when I started going lighter,and I thought it was too bright at first. What I normally tell my clients is to live with a new color for about 3 weeks, before they make a major decision to repaint if they don’t immediately love it. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Needing a paint refresh, and wanting an even brighter and cleaner palette,I used Crystal Clear White in Glidden’s high endurance paint. I know white walls are not for everyone, but I wanted to go really bright so I could add color and texture. This room gets really dark sometimes, and I wanted it to be as bright as it could be, even in the morning when the sun is on the other side of the house. I picked Crystal Clear white because I loved this color when I saw it, and I couldn’t wait to put it on the walls.

the differences in white paint colors on a wall

And let me tell you…Not all white paint colors are equal. I painted the bottom of our walls in a creamy white color 6 years ago,thinking it was so bright, and I couldn’t believe how yellow they had gotten and  how some high traffic areas had gotten so dirty, and how that creamy white is so dark in comparison to the Crystal Clear White!

before painting and why should I paint before I sell a home

It’s almost embarrassing how bad they were and how the new paint made everything look so much better. And of course in true blogging nature, I am sharing my shame with you.

The paint went on nicely, and was quick drying so any additional coats could be done quickly. It only took us about 4 hours to finish even with a second coat.

The other thing I liked was I am a bit of a messy painter and at one point I stepped in the paint and then tracked it across the wood floor. I actually cleaned up with soap and water very easily and it was very low odor as well.

Having cleared the room and then bringing it back in made for a great opportunity to mix the furniture placement up a little. So, I shopped my house and used what I already had. I changed out the mirror, and swapped out the curtains. I actually had them in there  a few years ago! I also brought up the coffee table from downstairs.

Boho lliving room with White painted walls in Crystal clear white

I love how bright and fresh it looks and in the morning, it’s even brighter than it was before.

White painted walls and boho decor

Because a coat of paint can make all of the difference! I just love sitting in here. It feels so calm and restful!

And it has such an easy feeling. I think gone are the days of white painted walls feeling stark.

Boho room with walls painted white

Simple touches of color and texture now make a huge impact.

White painted walls and a vintage sign

I love how our vintage sign hubby found for me a few months ago pops against the white painted walls and brightened up the entry way. I have a slight thing for vintage signs.

New white paint color in flat paint

 If you’re considering selling,or even just a room refresh, paint can transform your space!

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  1. Hi Jen! I love the transformation of your living room. It has been so much fun to see your style evolve over the years 🙂 When I moved here 15 years ago I painted the living area walls all white. My friends all thought I was nuts because I was always the one who had “color” in her house. I wanted a clean palette for my furniture and art work. After 15 years I love it and cannot imagine having any other color on the walls. Take care sweetie.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the new look. The freshly painted walls are a fabulous back drop for the newly refreshed decor.
    I used Glidden on my entire upper floor, and I was really impressed with the quality and coverage as well. I painted over a chalkboard wall, and got almost full coverage with one coat. That was proof to me.

    Again, loving the fresh, bright, updated look to the whole space, it’s really looking great!!

  3. Your colors look beautiful! I have been watching the homes for sale in my neighborhood the last year to see what people have done with these 1968 homes as we are planning changes. The ones who update the paint, floors & have updated kitchens (like my neighbor) sell instantly, often within days while the others sit for weeks, sometimes longer.

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