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Paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina

Since I did my living room repaint, I’ve been getting  a lot of questions from readers as to where I found the gold mirror over the fireplace. The fun fact is, it was a $9 thrift store find! I love a good makeover, and I love being able to transform something old and worn into something new and old.My technique to paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina can make any old frame, new-old again and look high-end! There’s just a little,secret trick to doing it that I am going to share with you.

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Paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina

At one time, this pretty, gold mirror was an ugly old, chipped and worn shade of dated brown. I think it was an old dresser mirror. It weighed about a thousand pounds,  we actually had to add an extra  hanger in the wall so it wouldn’t fall and kill us it was that heavy.

First, prep your wood by cleaning and removing any dirt or oils, even giving it a light sanding if needed (especially if it has a glossy finish.).

Use red and gold paint

After the wood is clean ,using a multi-surface paint for best adhesion,paint a base coat of red paint.

That’s right red! Along time ago, when they gold-leafed or gilded mirrors, they used to paint red as a under coat to give it a warm tone. This technique does the same thing now, and makes the color feel much richer. Plus, it acts as a kind of primer to aid with keeping the old stain from bleeding through (bleed-through can be a big problem with mahogany stain).

I used DecoArt Americana multi-surface paint in gold and red paint.

Paint the wood base with a red paint

After 2 coats of red paint (It’s okay if it’s not perfect!), paint over it with the gold paint. It may take 2 to 3 coats to achieve a richness and not look streaky.

Paint over the red with a gold paint

Once the gold dries, use brown paint to lightly rub over the surface. Rub it in until it fades into the paint and darkens it.

Use your finger to add brown paint and rub it in to give it age

I use my fingers, but you can use  a paper towel or even a makeup sponge to get an aged-patina look.I had to crop this photo down because I realized my paint-filled, workin’ hands looked so bad. An after-holidays manicure might just be in order.

After it’s dry, it’s ready to hang!  No sealer needed, since it’s not going to get high-use.Boho room with walls painted white

It gets that perfect look like it’s always been like that, not that dull, ugly shade of brown from before! With this technique you don’t have to pass up a mirror just because it’s not the right color. I’ve seen some really gross,nasty wood mirrors that clean up beautifully once a bit of paint is on them!

White painted walls and boho decor

Mirror and vase painted in multi-surface gold paint

Even up close, it’s hard to tell if it’s not the original finish with this technique of how to paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina. I used the same brown paint on these glass vases to get a fun, paint streak look.

Gola paint stripe vases on a mantelNow you have to go find a GROSS mirror to paint!

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  1. I actually do have a gross mirror frame very much like yours and I cant wait to get at it! Thank you soooo much for the turtorial Jen!

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