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How to make a DIY hairpin table

I am very excited to show you my DIY hairpin table project! I wanted a new coffee table for our downstairs,our other one was a older vintage one that the kids did a number on, and it was a little bulky for the space. Plus, I’ve noticed lately my style shifting to a cleaner look.

Make this DIY haipin tanble for under $100

My eye has been drawn lately to the retro- modern look of hairpin tables, but real vintage hairpin tables are way crazy expensive.I knew I could probably make one for much less!

HOw to make a DIY hairpin table for under $100

After doing a a little investigating on-line I found a company through Amazon that sells all sizes and shapes of Hairpin Legs. I  bought the 16″ tall ones for my coffee table legs. Around $60,with shipping, I didn’t think they were that bad at all.

Supplies for a DIY hairpin table

I also have the added bonus of living near a Menard’s. For $25 I was able to buy a raw/but finished edge piece of wood. After picking up a few screws to put the two together, I was ready to make my table! The biggest thing about the screws is to make sure that the head not only is bigger than the hole, but that depending on the thickness of your wood, they don’t pop through the top when you screw them in.

HOw to Stain a table with paint

I decided to use paint as my “stain”. It was the color I wanted,the smell wouldn’t last as long, plus I could wax it right away. I am completely impatient like that.

Use borwn paint to stain unfinished wood

I mixed a 50/50 mixture of paint and water and used a paper towel to “stain” the wood. Once it was slightly darker than the color I wanted, I let it dry for a few hours.

Use white paste wax to finish table

After it was dry, I added white paste wax to my DIY hairpin table. I wanted the wood to look slightly weathered with a brown undertone.

Adding white wax over brown paint can change it to a gray tone

It’s amazing to see how much the white paste wax changed the brown tones in the paint. It ended up the perfect color!

Now I will show you a thousand pictures of my new table I am completely in love with.

DIY hairpin table tutorial


Make an Easy DIY hairpin table


Brown paint and white paste wax


Make this DIY haipin tanble for under $100

Double love.

Make a weathered fgray DIY hairpin table

OK, I know you are sick of seeing it now, but I am just so excited! I love it so much! It fits so much better down there, and it is so much lighter looking in the space.It really opens it up!

I hope you love my DIY hairpin table as much as I do!

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