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Fun DIY gold washer vase

Hi everyone! I have a fun project for you today! A Fun DIY gold washer vase!

I found a really nice glass vase at Goodwill the other day and thought it could use a little bling. this was a really easy way to upgrade a really inexpensive thrift store find!

lay washers flat to spray paint

I had a few packages of hardware store washers tucked in a drawer that I laid out on some newspaper outside.

spray paint washers with gold spray paint

The received an upgrade with a bit of gold spray paint left over from this project.

Lay out washer pattern before glueing

After they dried, I laid them out and played around with a few patterns. I decided on a random polka dot style pattern.

Glue washers down and let dry

I found it was easier to apply the glue to the  vase, then to the back of the washer and put the two together. I used a product called Welbond, it’s a non-toxic all purpose glue and it dried fairly fast as well.

Let washers dry completely

Once one side dried, then I flipped it over and did the other side, I only had one washer that fell off and I had to re-glue it. I dind’t think that was too bad.

Once all sides completely dried, they were ready to go for some flowers! the glue is supposed to be water-proof, but I probably wouldn’t submerge the vase.

a plain glass vase gets a bit of bling with gold spray painted washers

I cut some green lacecaps and  cone flowers from my yard.

Glue gold washers to a vase for an enexpected twist

After I took the pictures I noticed a small hitchhiker, which caused my girls to freak out and yell “Earwig! Kill it! Kill it!”

They are such pacifists.

Gold washers add a nice pop of color and texture to a plain glass vase

I like the modern look the washers give the vase, and it was such an easy upgrade! The gold is so pretty and adds a really nice flourish!

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  1. Jen I love the creativity in you. You can come up with the most wonderful things. I love this vase. The wild flowers look so great in it. Have a great week end.

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