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Gold paint stripe vases and a Protea arrangement

For my painted living room post I wanted something fun for my faux mantel. I made these cute gold paint stripe vases to put some beautiful flowers in. I had the idea because I knew I wanted do to something with a bit of glimmer on the  mantel.

They were really easy to make using a multi-surface paint.

I washed and cleaned a glass vase and made sure it was 100% dry.  I found some cute ones that had a pretty gold stripe around the rim, and I thought the  gold paint would accentuate that.

How to make gols paint stripe vases

To get the really rough paint stripe look, you actually want to use a super cheap paint or chip brush, you want the bristle texture to come through.

Metallic paint stripe vases

I found once you start moving around the outside it’s easier to carefully put it it on it’s top and work around it that way.

Pretty metallic and gold paint stripe vase

You may need to do 2 coats depending on how transparent you want the stripes to be.

Protea flower arrangement

I bought these beautiful Protea flower bouquets at my Whole Foods and thought they were just beautiful. I’ve actually never seen them before, I just thought they looked so beautiful, adn so interesting.

The gold paint stripe vases with the flowers looked perfect against the white background with the gold mirror. They added  a touch of color.

Boho lliving room with White walls in Crystal clear white

I love how the striping on the vase has a very organic feel to it.

Protea in a DIY gold stripe metallic vaseI only filled the water to just the base of the gold striping so you can’t really see it. I like how the flowers and stems look like they are just sitting in the vase.

Gold paint stripe vases on a mantel

They are really simple and I like how simple they are. They are also season-less, so I could leave them up all year of I wanted to.

Protea and purple and green foliage in a gold paint stripe vase

I love that this could also be made with copper paint, or really any color at all! This would make such a nice hostess or housewarming gift!

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antiqued gold bottles

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