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Framed Dried Flower Vintage Photo Collage DIY

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Family photos are fleeting. I cherish all of my family photos and even consider myself a bit of a family historian. With the digital age, there are less and less printed pictures than there were even 50 years ago. One of the photos I love is a picture of my great-grandmother, my grandfather and my great aunt. It’s such a sweet image and I wanted to honor it in a modern way and make a framed dried flower vintage photo collage in a beautiful frame. With the right embellishment and framing, photos themselves can become a work of art. I decided to give my photo a current look by framing it with pretty dried flowers and have it custom framed by JOANN.

Framed dried flowers on a mantel with flowers

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JOANN is known for fabric and crafts but they also have an amazing framing department. I wasn’t able to visit an in-house framing store near me, but I was able to use their on-line framing service and was thrilled with the results! I wanted to share the DIY with you of how to easily create your own floral framed vintage image.

Supplies for vintage image and dried flowers to frame

To create this project you’ll need:

A reproduction of your vintage image
Dried pressed flowers
Glue Dots
JOANN’s custom framing

Placing dried flowers on a vintage image

Because the dried flowers florals stick partially right to the image, it’s best to use a reproduction print and not an original ( I reproduced my print by taking a photo of it with my phone and sending it to a photo center to print. ).

Dried flowers on a vintage image

Using the glue dots, stick the image to a piece of cardstock. I centered mine so I could place the dried flowers around it. If you think you want to reuse the photo later, use reusable glue dots instead of permanent ones.

Upclose of dried flowers on vintage image

Carefully separate out your dried flowers from each other. It helps to pre-plan your design because once the flowers stick to the paper and photo they can’t be easily removed without breaking.

Use glue dots to add dried flowers to cardstock

It seemed to be an easier technique to stick the glue dots down first and then stick the dried flowers on top. Layer the flowers on top of each other and vary the colors and sizes. Once the flowers are pressed down, the custom vintage dried floral art work is ready to frame and display. I was ready to my framed dried flower vintage photo collage by sending my completed piece to JOANN.

Close up of art work with dried flowers in wood frame

To frame my artwork, I used JOANN’s online custom framing service in style 14-1. It was so easy! I carefully packed up my artwork and shipped it to JOANN’s. In a few weeks, my dried flower embellished photo returned beautifully framed, and all of the dried flowers were still there! I was super worried because I know dried flowers are so delicate, but they all came back perfectly in place, and I never had to leave my home!

Edge of light wood frame on framed vintage image

I really love the end result. I displayed my framed art in the gorgeous wood frame on our fireplace mantel where our family can enjoy it. My kids have already asked who the people are in the photo, and it’s been fun to explain how they are related. I love that the flowers and gorgeous frame make it more special than just putting it in a frame and hanging it on the wall.

To frame your own custom framed project (which make a great Mother’s Day gift!) find out more about JOANN’s custom framing service here !


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