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Fringe embroidery hoop hanging and tassel hanging

Things are coming along, and I wanted to share a fun, fringe embroidery hoop hanging I made for the Makery area. I also want to thank all of you for putting up with my excessive typos lately. It’s been so crazy. I am getting up early to write posts, and navigate the kids in the morning, then head to the shop for a full day, and get home to make dinner, and then catch up with everything else. I know once I get into a groove and the kids go back to school, it will be a little easier. Right now, it’s a matter of juggling it all until we get into a new normal routine. It’s so funny, I read, and re-read my posts, and then hubby (my unpaid editor) will call me and tell me, “Uuumm.. you need to read your last post.” That’s where I swear a little, because I’ve already read through it seven times before I hit publish and still miss things. So, thank you for that and your patience!

We aren’t changing any electrical at the shop right now, and we have plenty of lighting over the makery space, but we needed something else. After all, drop ceilings are not the sexiest. I decided to make some fun fringe and tassel embroidery hoop hanging fixtures, because nothing says “makery” more than something handmade.

I made two kinds of hanging “fixtures”. The first one is made from tassels, the upper ring is  large embroidery hoops(like this craft) insides, and hula hoops.

Supplies to make hanging tassel ceiling fixtures

Those were a matter of making lots and lots and lots of tassels. And lots of tassels, and lots of tassels. I was tired of tassels by the time I was done.

Paint hula hoops for tassel hanging

I painted the base hula hoops so that the color wouldn’t show through.

Making a tassel hanging fixtureAfter that, I tied my tassels on at equal distances, and hung the two hoops from each other with yarn, by about 12 inches.

Wrap yarn around hula hoop to cover for tassel hanging

Then I started wrapping and wrapping. I won’t lie. Between the two yarn projects, I used about 12 skeins.

Knotting for fringe embroiery hoop hanging

Once I finished the two tassel hangings, I moved onto the fringe embroidery hoop hanging. This one was the most fun and the easiest.

I cut the yarn to about 30 inch lengths, and pulled the yarn through a loop over the hoop.

Looping yarn for fringe embroidery hoop hanging

I kept going and lined them all up like ducks in a row, covering the hoop.

Paitnting yarn on the bottom of a fringe embroidery hoop hanging

After I had all of the yarn looped, I painted the ends with an acrylic paint, letting it soak in, then toweling off the excess. I hung it to dry with some cardboard underneath to catch drips.

Fringe ceiling yarn hangings in the Makery at The Collective lhe in Lisle, IL

Once the paint was dry, I trimmed the yarn so it was a bit cleaner and more modern looking than just rough ends.

They are the perfect solution to not having any hanging light fixtures in that area of the store.

Fringe embroidery hoop hangings in the Makery in Lisle, IL

They go so perfectly against our wood pallet wall, which I am going to be talking about in detail next week! I think out of the three, I love the fringe embroidery hoop hanging the most. I might have to make one for my kids rooms too.

Workshop registration is now open for September, so pop over and check out what we have coming up!







  1. These are so cool, unique and very creative, Jen! I call them tassel chandeliers! You can add battery operated, remote control LED lights around the hoops for a dramatic lighting effect at night!

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